Best 25 Things to Do in Flagstaff (AZ)

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Located in Northern Arizona Flagstaff lies at an approximate elevation of 2000m. This historical and cultural city was discovered on America’s 100th Independence Day. After some nomads, this city got its name stripped of a pine tree to raise the American flag during America’s 100th independence day celebration. The city is home to Northern Arizona University, which makes it a hub of student hub. It has the largest ponderosa pin forest and is surrounded by monuments and natural attractions. 

This place is too close to my heart, and I feel exceptional about it, not because my best friend has lived there – but there is more! From its rich history to the cultural hub to the breathtaking natural beauty Flagstaff has it all. If you are already tired of the COVID pandemic and want to plan a trip on-budget, trust me, Flagstaff, AZ, is your go-to place. It is the largest city in Northern Arizona and lies at around 2000m elevation. Go hike, go mountain biking, party, because this place has plenty of opportunities for you. Its four contrasting seasons are sure to attract you all year round.

Interactive Map of 25 Things to Do in Flagstaff (AZ)

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1. Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park
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Place of magnificent views of canyons, wildlife exploration, and activities ideal for all.

Did you know that about 5.5 million people visit Grand Canyon National park every year? Such a massive number of visitors say a lot about this destination park. The park was declared a national park by Theodore Roosevelt after making several visits. This natural wonder is 277 river miles (446km) long and up to 18 miles (29km) wide. Visit Grand Canyon National Park and explore nature at its peak with canyons, river tributaries, and surrounding grounds. The two parts of the park include South Rim and North Rim. The most accessible part of the parkSouth Rim, about 7,000 feet above sea level, offers various admirable views. You can reach here either through your vehicle or the shuttle service. Also, South Rim is 8000 feet above sea level but not as popular as North Rim. Due to the difficulty reaching the spot, about 10% of people choose the North Rimto view canyons. 

The awe-inspiring views of Grand canyon park bring visitors from all around the world. Whether it’s about your hike enthusiasm or rapid whitewater riding, this place is absolute to enjoy Mule riding, helicopter, and hot air balloon tours. Grand Canyon National park is home to over 500 species of animals, including bird species, arachnids, insects, mammals, and many more to get excited about. 

2. Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest
Source: Flickr / Forest Service, USDA | Public Domain

Among the six national forests in Arizona, Coconino National Forest is a hub of diverse national forests found in the country. Home to several landscapes, i.e., such as red rocks of Sedona, Pandora Pine forests, alpine tundra, and southwestern desert, is ideal for ideal exploration times. This place has achieved the title of Gold standard site. At Coconino National Forest, you will find small lakes home to fishes and several streams flowing. Also, you can see the mountainous beauty and canyons too. 

Explore while you hike through the trails of Coconino National Forest. This place is also ideal for some camping experience. At Coconino National Forest, you can see colorful rocks and extraordinary formations. You can explore Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive, Palaktaki Heritage site, and Rock Art Legacy from Southern Sinagua here in one place.  

3. Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend
Source: Flickr / Daniel Oberhaus | Public Domain

Take photos with scenery like never before and witness the views that will take your breath away.

Horseshoe Bend is simply a geologic masterpiece you can ever find. While you stroll through the Canyon area, you can explore the picturesque Horseshoe bend. This destination was formed when the Colorado Plateau abruptly uplifted 5 million years ago. Following that, the Colorado River began cutting through an immovable rock, including the famous Horseshoe Bend. 

Today, Horseshoe Bend rock formation is visited by many as a famous site in Arizona. Plan to fly, float, or hike over Horseshoe bend because this place uniquely gives all these tours. You can experience the scenic views at horseshoe bend either you take a helicopter ride, raft, or a hike. Take some incredible photos worth boasting about and experience the breathtaking views as you approach the edge. 

4. Bearizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona Wildlife Park
Source: Flickr / gsloan | CC BY 2.0

Cherish your animal-love while you explore the wildlife in a way never before. 

Cuddled amongst the pristine Ponderosa Pine forests of Northern Arizona, Bearizona Wildlife Park offers an unparalleled wildlife experience. The natural environment of this park allows you to encounter and learn about wildlife differently. Witness herd and pack life of species from a comfortable distance. Take your vehicle and drive 3-miles of this park to greet rough rocky mountain goats and grand bison to private Alaskan tundra and Arctic wolves and comical black bears. Want a window-free view of animals? Take the complementary bus-ride to Bearizona Wildlife Park. The staff here will give you an educational experience of Bearizona facts. 

When you are at the Bearizona Wildlife Park, don’t forget to explore Fort Bearizona, where you can enjoy permits with umbrella seating and beautiful views of this place. Visit the gift shop and take souvenirs in the name of your Bearizona Wildlife Park experience. The park has animal shows, including the famous High Country Raptors’ free-flight show. Come to learn about birds of prey and cherish the scene of them flying directly overhead. There are more animal shows to enjoy here. Otter feeding, a kid-friendly activity, is ideal for your kids with a unique park experience. Bearizona Wildlife Park covers your dining plans at Canyonlands, where taste meets the true Southwest spirit. Enjoy a wide range of food options after taking an exciting tour of Bearizona Wildlife Park. 

5. Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument
Source: Flickr / Ken Lund | CC BY-SA 2.0

Land of history of native America and narrator of the story of survival in harsh conditions, this monument has a lot to tell.

This national monument was established on 6 Dec 1906. It is called the third national monument among other preservatory monuments in Arizona. Devoted to protecting the Native American Culture, Montezuma Castle National Monument comprises 20 rooms and a 5-story structure. The location is a limestone cliff about 70 feet above the ground. Your next field tour to this monument will be about a museum theme and historical journeys of ancient people. Not only that, but you will get to unravel the ruins led by a paved nature trail. 

What’s more? A well-preserved complex called Castle B has several undeveloped rooms on different levels. You can visit the picnic site located near the visitor center. When visiting Montezuma Castle National Monument, you can avail a great chance of seeing the Montezuma Well located seven miles northeast. It is noteworthy that the water levels are maintained every year with the help of underground springs. Plan your trip to Montezuma Mountain and know the reality of survival in this merciless desert landscape

6. Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl
Source: Flickr / Coconino National Forest, Ariz. | Public Domain

Snow fun and skiing are flawless at this spectacular ski resort in Flagstaff.

Established in 1938, Arizona Snowbowl Ski resort established is an ultimate snow fun place to visit. This attraction is located on the San Francisco peaks presenting a spectacular view of Agassiz Peak. A 30-minutes ride from the resort will take you to Arizona Snowbowl ski resort composed of various runs. Choose from the skiable 32 runs. If you are a freestyler, head to the Sunset Terrain park and practice the way you want. There are 42% intermediate and 21% advanced runs where people at different skiing levels can choose according to their skill. This place also offers a variety of dining spots to enjoy food with chilling vibes.

This ski resort is a perfect place to visit during both winters and summers. On average, Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resorts receive 260 inches of snowfall, and the ideal seasons for a visit are from mid-November until the end of April. People can visit to enjoy disc golf, hiking, mountain biking, rope course, and several other joyous activities to enjoy with friends and family for summer fun. Bring your kids too because there are thrilling activities for them to learn. For children aged 8-12, there is a ski/ride school. SkiWee and MiniRider snowboarding programs are designed for children aged 4-7. 

7. Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory
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Head to this museum and witness the uniquely presented tale of science and history.

Science geeks might love to visit this place. Founded in 1894 by Percival Lowell, Lowell Observatory is ideal for science tours, telescope viewing, multimedia shows, and many more. At this observatory, history and science come together in a perfect way welcoming everyone to explore. Following the vision of science research, the Lowell observatory aims to open doors of scientific knowledge for the visitors.

The guided journey at Lowell observatory includes a star-gazing experience that you never had before. Choose the destination you like or go for premium access and enjoy the sky and stars’ phenomena. The advanced telescopes available provide the best night sky beauty to the visitors while educators give them a memorable tour. As you reach outside, you will see a high-powered laser pointing out prominent stars. You will also get to hear the amazing tales of star formations during your visit to Lowell Observatory.

8. Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Source: Flickr / Pedro Szekely | CC BY-SA 2.0

From the desert landscape to the bundle of monuments, this place is ideal for a peek into history and culture.

Monument Valley in Flagstaff boasts a beautiful desert landscape and high buttes. Explore the hidden treasures of its panoramic views of this place while you drive through a 14-mile graded dirt road. There’s so much to explore at the remote yet exciting area, including some significant monuments like The Mittens, Three Sisters, John Ford Point, Totem Pole, etc. As you follow the Navajo guides, you will get to know the Hunts Mesa, Mystery Valley, and similar places that are entirely jaw-dropping.

 Besides the thrilling rough landscape, Monument Valley will give you the perfect hike vibe. As you continue on this valley hike, you will find the impressive natural bridge and the Anasazi ruins. The Monument Valley is also renowned for the tales of culture and history of Anasazi civilization settled in 1200 BCE. The remains of buildings and structures will showcase a pattern of the resourcefulness of this place. You can also explore the history of the Navajo culture here.

9. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
Source: Flickr / Coconino National Forest, Ariz. | Public Domain

Witness the aftermath of a volcanic eruption and the beauty of a newly born landscape. 

The Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument will show an ideal example of how a devastating volcanic eruption changed this place entirely. The Sunset Crater Volcano erupted in 1085 that greatly affected the landscape. Today, this place allows people to explore various volcanic features. Before the eruptions, people had been living in this area for hundreds of years. Come and witness the volcano’s red rim and dark lava that flowed out and hardened when cooled down. As life returned to this place, animals and plants started to breathe here again. Such an exciting tale of a volcano attracted people to see the aftereffect of a volcano eruption.

Sunset Crater Volcano monument is located 25km northeast of Flagstaff. It is known as one of the most recent scoria cones in the US. This place is home to some beautiful red rocks. Enjoy a hiking experience at this land of the volcano where Ponderosa Pines scenery is worth watching. Apart from flora, you will find an array of wildlife theme here. Don’t forget to examine the corn rocks embedded with impressions of people interacting with the volcanic eruption. This volcanic field is truly fascinating with the lava flows and caves, ash hills, and reddish cinder cones, along with a touch of forestry. 

10. Collins Irish Pub and Grill

Collins Irish Pub and Grill
Source: Unsplash / Amie Johnson

Enjoy American and Irish cuisines while you experience a crowd fun and music environment.

It is one of the best pubs in Arizona. If you are an American and Irish cuisine fan, the menu at Collins Irish pub and grill is made for you. Of course, you can’t miss the drink, which is why the pub offers you a variety of draft beer selections. The pub is 20 years old and has become one of the most famous eat and play pubs in town.

Besides dining, Collins Irish Pub and Grill provides the best of Falstaff’s nightlife. The high energy crowd and loud music will make sure you and your friends experience real fun. The pub’s vibrant nightlife starts at 11 p.m. every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with different specials only for you. Your live DJ plays all the jams as you party hard while enjoying drink specials until the end. Collins Irish Pub is also famous for arranging events that attract youngsters. The place will bring you joyous times for occasions like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day, etc. The pub’s love for sports is described with the TV display where you can enjoy games with your squad. 

11. Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument
Source: Flickr / Matt Kieffer | CC BY-SA 2.0

Stroll through this large area that is preserving the history of ancient Pueblos and explore a tale of survival.

This monument is one of the famous fields preserving the life of ancient pueblos. Located in the lap of Painted Desert, this place presents the legacy of landscapes found in this area. Once this place was considered unsuitable for life, people amazingly built villages and lived here for generations. As you linger around, the artifacts here will whisper the stories of ancient people. Unlike other monuments in Flagstaff, this monument has a unique presentation of ancient history. You will see the ruinsspread around a large desert area. The village remains have a distinctive deep red color made from thin flat blocks of Moenkopi sandstone.

Visit this unique Wupatki Pueblo, known for being the tallest, largest, and most influential village of its time. Stroll through a short, paved, and self-guided trail that begins from the visitor center. On your way, you can explore different parts of the park, presenting unique features of the Wupatki Pueblo. Doney Mountain is another crucial feature of this monument. This is an extinct volcano made of red and black ash. The area is a pleasant tree-lined site where you can have a visit to a barren hillside too. 

12. South Rim Trail

South Rim Trail
Source: Flickr / Jorge Láscar | CC BY 2.0

Hike through the South Rim and explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon just the way you like!

South Rim Trail is, indeed, the most famous and easily accessible trail in the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff. The flat and paved trail makes it possible to have a hiking experience with less tiredness and more beautiful sceneries around. The trail connects to the Grand Canyon village providing Hermits rest points. On your way, you will enjoy the attention-grabbing views of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. We avoid the burning heat of summer and come during spring and fall, the perfect weather for you to experience South Rim Trail hiking. 

The most relieving feature of this trail is the availability of the Hermit Rest Bus that you can hop on at any time when tired. As you begin your hike, you will walk through a small steep uphill section. In case, you want to avoid this steep part, just catch the bus and start from a different point. Remember, this first part of the trail yields beautiful views of Bright Angel Trail. At several points along the trail, you will find the Canyon’s edge rim, where you can witness the full panoramas of the Grand Canyon. The trail also spurts you onto the road, but the signs there will make sure cyclists and buses do not run you. Along the trail, you can follow the posters describing the distances to the bus and rest spots. You can have access to water at these spots, but nowhere along the trail, so make sure you have your water bottle filled! Your hike experience at South Rim Trail will end with some spectacular views of the Canyon. The ending spot has a small snack bar and a gift shop as well. 

13. Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave
Source: Flickr / ryan harvey | CC BY-SA 2.0

Visit this amazing volcanic formation and witness some never-before cave theme

This natural museum was formed some 700,000 years ago when a nearby molten rock erupted from a volcanic vent. People come here for a self-guided exploration of this mile-long tube-like lava cave. Inside the cave, you will find some beautifully amazing rock formations. The temperature inside the cave is cold even in summers. Your tour to Lava River Cave will take 1.5 hours approx. Initially, you will walk through some 55 stairs that lead to a combination of flat boardwalks. You will go through some uneven surfaces inside the cave and stairways too. 

The best season to plan your Lava River Cave tour is during summer. Your tour to Lava River Cave needs some serious considerations for your safety. Inside the cave, you experience an average temperature of 42°, and snow melts at different points. There will be complete darkness so that you will need any light source. The safest way to enjoy the Lava river cave experience is to wear warm clothes and bring torchlights along. To walk comfortably, you will need steady toed shoes as the cave has slippery surfaces. 

14. Bushmaster Park

Bushmaster Park
Source: Flickr / Arizona National Guard | Public Domain

This park has something for people of every age with a range of sports courts and recreational areas.

Bushmaster Park in Flagstaff has something for everyone. This vast park has several small parks with different themes. The park is filled with pine trees, shadow playgrounds, courts, and picnic areas. Its outdoor fitness area is one of the most liked places in this park. Every summer, the park welcomes people who are sports enthusiasts and party fans. Concerts and festivals like children’s music festivals are held at Bushmaster Park. 

This park is perfect for a picnicking experience with many activities to do. You can stop by for lunch with your friends and family. This park has a tennis court, basketball courts, and sand volleyball court where sports geeks come to enjoy games. You can bring your dog to the fenced bark park made for you and your dog. You must visit other unique places: the horseshoe pits, outdoor fitness area, picnic ramadas with grills, and much more to have fun with your whole family. Your kids will probably have the best time with kid toys and entertaining playing structures. 

15. Flagstaff Visitor Center

Flagstaff Visitor Center
Source: Wikimedia / John Perry | CC BY-SA 2.0

Your Flagstaff journey can take a thoroughly planned start from this informative spot in Flagstaff!

This is where you can get all the travel information for Flagstaff to make a perfect plan. Flagstaff visitor center is located on Route 66 in the historic downtown train station. The place has free guides—maps, brochures, and personalized travel information available for everyone planning to explore Flagstaff. Flagstaff Visitor Centre is famous for the gift shop featuring a comprehensive collection of souvenirs. You can find train-themed souvenirs, clothing items, books of your liking, helpful maps, as well as Route 66 memorabilia items that are crafted by local people. Take memorable moments with the penny smasher for souvenirs with you during your visit. 

At Flagstaff Visitor Centre, you will be provided with pro tips about the best experience Flagstaff has to offer. Find details about attractions and accommodation for a perfect Flagstaff stay. Get to find the events of your interests and best places to dine according to your likings. The Visitor Centre also allows you to take easy-to-follow directions to reach places in Flagstaff. 

16. Museum of Northern Arizona

Museum of Northern Arizona
Source: Wikimedia / Thomas Farley | Public Domain

Get amazed and learn about the heritage of Northern Arizona at this museum!

This private, non-profit museum was founded by Harold S. Colton and Mary Russel Ferrell in 1928. The museum aimed to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of northern Arizona. The preservation process includes research, collection, conservation, and education about this place. The Museum of Northern Arizona shows a sense of love for the Colorado Plateau’s diversity and attraction. The museum has played a vital role in protecting the heritage of the region. At the Museum of Northern Arizona, you will see various forms through which visitors learn what’s preserved. It has become a learning Centre through collections, exhibitions, educational programs, projects, publications, etc.

Through a variety of engaging activities, the Museum of Arizona makes sure that people of all ages enjoy their visit. You tour the exhibitions, stroll through beautiful natural trails located on the Flagstaff campus, and go through the amazing museum shop. This place is ideal for children too. The admission is free for children age nine and under. Overall, the museum is a true example of history preserved in an ideal way. 

17. Flagstaff Aquaplex

Flagstaff Aquaplex
Source: Flickr / Deborah Lee Soltesz | Public Domain

Get access to fun activities ideal for all of your family members in one place.

Flagstaff Aquaplex is a paradise for family fun. A range of water activities attracts families to have some fun family time. This place also hosts community events where people come together to have some happy times. Come and enjoy rock climbing, swimming, and fitness facilities at Flagstaff Aquaplex. The fitness facility includes a gym with cardio equipment, a running track, battle rocks, etc. Flagstaff Aquaplex provides many exercise classes, including yoga, pilates, Zumba, ballet, and contemporary modern dance, along with different workout options. 

Besides the fun part, Aquaplex will take care of your family reunions and business meetings as well. This place allows visitors to celebrate birthday parties and activity rooms connected to the indoor swimming pool area. If you want childcare facilities, Flagstaff Aquaplex has got your back. Pay a nominal fee and get access to babysitting services for children aged six months- 11 years. This recreational Centre has something for all family members. So, have an unlimited fun time with your family and friends. 

18. The Arboretum At Flagstaff

The Arboretum At Flagstaff
Source: Flickr / Deborah Lee Soltesz | Public Domain

Explore flora and fauna of Colorado Plateau with a touch of Botanical Blacksmith artwork

This field is home to about 750 species of plants grown in greenhouses. The Arboretum at Flagstaff is high at 7,150 feet in elevation filled with the natural habitats located deep in the Coconino National Forest. The 200 acres place has horticultural collections and rare plant specimens that you explore among the historic buildings. The natural setting is ideal for those who want to learn about Flagstaff, Arizona’s flora, and fauna. 

The Arboretum at Flagstaff provides unique garden tours that can last for 1-hour max. With trained professionals, you get a learning experience about the Colorado Plateau and its nature. Native plants grow here, and the historic buildings around make it a perfect spot for exploration. Explore the Botanical Blacksmiths here that is a real example of an outdoor art celebration at the Arboretum Flagstaff. This amazing artwork is created by the members of the Arizona Artists Blacksmith Association. Visitors can also buy these incredible artworks. 

19. Fatman’s Loop Trail

Fatmans Loop Trail
Source: Flickr / Coconino National Forest, Ariz. | CC BY-SA 2.0

Explore wildflowers and wildlife, stop by to cherish the lovely views of this place while you hike through this easy trail

Fatman’s Loop is one of the most famous trails among hikers, bikers and runners. This 3.9-kilometre trail features a variety of beautiful wildflowers making this place worth a visit in Flagstaff. Stroll through the trail and stop by to enjoy spots overlooking the city’s eastern suburbs and countryside. On the way, you will find amazing rock formations that demonstrate Mt. Elden’s Volcanic roots. 

During your visit to Fatman’s Loop Trail, you will witness a variety of plant species and wildlife. You may meet mule deer, pygmy nuthatches, squirrels, and grey foxes along your way. The best thing about this trail is that you can take your dog with you but make sure that it’s leashed. This trial will connect you to several other trails. The best season to have hiking, biking, and running experience at Fatman’s Loop trail is April until November. 

20. The Crack at Wet Beaver

The Crack at Wet Beaver
Source: Flickr / jankgo | CC BY 2.0

Experience sunbathing on smooth rocks, daring cliff jumps and various close to nature activities during hike

The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek provides a 7-mile memorable hike experience for the visitors. This place is a paradise for daring cliff jumpers. Enjoy sunbathing on the smooth rocks here or wade in the shallow waters, this place offers something for everyone. A 3.5-mile hike will lead you to the crack; the place of swimming holes. Although the tough hike will take you to 500 feet of elevation, the end of your hike at the accessible swimming holes is worth it. 

The trailhead has a free parking lot from where you can head to the Beaver Creek Work Centre. The parking lot can fill up sometimes so you can park at the overflow parking areas available here; signs will guide you. The moment you reach the parking lot, the signs will lead you to the Bell trail. The most amazing part of your Crack at Wet Beaver is various jump spots where you can test your skills to dare. You can have access to the pit toilets at the trailhead.  There’s no permit fee for the trail

21. Sedona Heritage Museum

Sedona Heritage Museum
Source: Wikimedia / Norton Gusky | CC BY 2.0

This heritage museum is home to the history of pioneers and some amazing heritage exhibits that will amaze you

Located at the Jordan Historical Park, Sedona Heritage Museum has preserved the life of the community that is the pioneer of this place. This place has a variety of historical themes that draw the attention of visitors who visit Flagstaff. See the cowboy life theme, history of orchard industry, and interesting wine-making heritage at this interesting museum. This place will amuse you with some history of Sedona’s movie-making era along with movie set building. Sedona Heritage Monument provides many other enjoyable activities as well. Come and enjoy the panoramic views as you sit on picnic tables open here. Take an audio tour and enjoy programs that this place has to offer.

Your kids will surely have a fun time here as they engage with the Kids Korral, activity books available, and an amazing scavenger hunt all in one place. The gift shop here presents a wide array of locally made jewelry, books, shirts, knives, DVDs, and much more to take along with you as souvenirs.

22. Jay Lively Activity Center

Jay Lively Activity Center
Source: Unsplash / Logan Weaver

Emerging as one of the most popular activity centres in the United States, the Jay Lively Activity Centre has limitless activities and opportunities for people of all ages. 

Jay Lively Activity Center, also known as JLAC, is a year-round public skating rink located in the Flagstaff region of Arizona. The activity centre is highly sophisticated with world-class facilities and yet highly affordable. Inaugurated in the early 70s under the name “Flagstaff Ice Area”, this activity centre was later renamed to honour the late famous ice-hockey player Jay Lively who died in a car crash. This destination has since appeared as one of the most famous skating spots in the states. Apart from the public skating sessions, you will find numerous opportunities for your whole family, regardless of the age, at the Jay Lively Activity Centre. Open hockey, which is one of the most popular activities, is a favourite amongst the youngbloods. Similarly, stick and puck is another highly intensive activity enjoyed by many of the visitors. Moreover, there is also adult-only skating fields which are less intensive but equally entertaining

Apart from that, you can also enjoy private time with friends and family in the well-facilitated private party rooms. The monthly calendar for the skating hours is updated regularly and available to read on the official website.          

23. Northern Arizona University

North Arizona University
Source: Flickr / Tony Webster | CC BY 2.0

With a historical heritage of more than a century, this university is highly favoured for its extraordinary Flagstaff campus, and countless undergraduate programs.

This public research university was established more than a century ago in 1899 with its main campus in the Flagstaff region of Arizona. Governed by the Arizona Board of Regents, Northern Arizona University has over 150 baccalaureate programs and 100 graduate programs. As of this fall, there were nearly 22,000 students enrolled in the Flagstaff campus of Northern Arizona University. For the residents of Arizona, the yearly fees of the undergraduate programs are nearly $12,000, while for the out of state or international students, the undergraduate programs would have a yearly cost just shy of $27,000. However, thanks to its participation in the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program, Northern Arizona University has lowered tuition fees for students coming from the western parts of the United States. For the batch of 2020-21, the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program fees are as low as $17,221. On top of that, the university also offers the undergraduates of Flagstaff the Pledge Program to guarantee the same educational fee for four academic years.  

24. Bear Paw Activities Center

Bear Paw Activities Center
Source: Unsplash / Meritt Thomas

Find authentic family fun at Bear Paw center that offers different amenities during different seasons.

Buy a full membership of Continental Country Club for $400 per year to have access to the Bear Paw Activity Center. The mission of the Continental Country Club is to enhance the lifestyle of residents through world class amenities and a lot of fun activities. 

Gaming, movies, pools, and grill. A perfect daily fun spot for your kids, older youth, and parents, Bear Paw activity center is perfect for an affordable picnic. It is clean and tidy, and you can enjoy amenities like miniature golf, a movie theater, two Jacuzzi, TV, and your favorite games. Plan a trip with your friend to enjoy your day at the computer stations, PlayStations and Xbox gaming consoles, foosball, board games, and puzzles. If the weather allows, you can go out to have some incredible time in the heated outdoor pool, miniature golf course, or play volleyball. Grab a coffee, or buy your favorite soft drink along with your all-time snacks to make your day. Meet new people and enjoy the beautiful moments that you will cherish for life. 

25. Downtown Diner

Downtown Diner
Source: Flickr / Tony Webster | CC BY 2.0

Tickle your taste buds at this American restaurant that amplifies the ambiance of the town.

This cute little diner is located in the middle of the town. Park your car in the street because it has no separate parking. The cost of street parking is $1 an hour. The staff is very friendly and you will have an authentic local feeling. It accepts both cryptocurrency and credit cards. 

Trust me, this will be your favorite fast-casual Americanized Mexican food stop in Arizona. It is a perfect small-town diner that adds an incredible ambiance to Flagstaff and is sure to tickle your taste buds. It offers an all-day breakfast at a very affordable cost, which is really heartwarming experience. The downtown diner has the best burgers, hot & cold sandwiches, fish, salad, and gardenburgers, don’t forget to try them all.  

It has both delivery services and takeaways. The delivery service includes an extra $1.99+ fee and it will take just 30-40 mins depending upon your location.