20 Best Things to Do in Carlsbad (NM)

Source: Flickr / Brad Spry | CC BY 2.0

Carlsbad is a city in New Mexico often referred to as “The pearl of the Pecos”, surrounded by the Chihuahuan desert, this picturesque city is outdoor heaven. With many public spaces like the Lake Carlsbad Beach park for swimming and water skiing, […]

25 Best Things To Do In New Mexico

New Mexico is often called as “Land of Enchantment” for its clear sky. Offers radiant sunrise, glittering sunset, and majestic mountains that look exceptional in the evening light. The interplay between history, the environment, and the resulting cultural landscapes preserve the heritage of old mining, railroading […]

25 Best Things to Do in Roswell, NM

Roswell is a popular destination for travelers looking for an authentic Mexican experience. Located in the heart of Mexico’s Chihuahua Desert, the city offers visitors a unique range of activities and attractions to explore: from ancient ruins to modern art galleries and restaurants. The city’s annual […]