25 Best Waterfalls in California

California is well known for its beaches and national parks. However, waterfalls are also a popular destination considering how refreshing the cold water and shade can be during those hot summer months in California. And if you go after a rainy season or a good snow […]

25 Best Lakes in California

California has a temperate climate and even though there are some very large forests, a good part of the state is made of dessert which is why California’s lakes are so attractive and important. Many of them are in fact man-made reservoirs and dams that help […]

25 Best Beaches in California

Source: Flickr / Dirk DBQ | CC BY 2.0

California has many cities and tourist spots to be known, but its beaches are really incredible and considered the main tourist attractions there. The beaches of California attract people from all over the world. The highlights include sunbathe on golden sand beaches, […]