15 Best Flea Markets in California (CA)

Source: Flickr / Tristan Loper | CC BY-SA 2.0

There is no shortage of luxury shopping destinations in California, but if you are looking for vintage treasures, great bargains on second-hand products, and truly original artwork, there are a handful of local flea markets that you should explore. 

Besides offering a lively atmosphere and youthful spirited energy, flea markets are the place to go for neighborly satisfaction and community growth. Check the markets’ websites for schedules, admission fees, and other pertinent information, such as alternate locations.

Interactive Map of 15 Best Flea Markets in California

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1. Alameda Point Antiques Faire 1st Sunday Every Month

Alameda Point Antiques Faire 1st Sunday Every Month
Source: Flickr / Jonas Forth | CC BY-ND 2.0

Alameda Point Antiques is a sprawling open-air antique fair featuring numerous vendors close to Oakland. During the mild weather months, there are 1000-1200 dealers who sell true older vintage and antique clothing, home decor, art, furniture, jewelry, and anything else that they dig up from estate sales and antique shops. Even in the winter months, there are enough dealers that it can take 3 hours to explore the market. And, in the last few years, there have been more high-quality food trucks to keep you well fed.

You can even rent a shopping cart and if you run out of cash, do not worry since they have plenty of well-stocked ATMs.

2. Alemany Flea Market & Farmers Market

Alemany Flea Market and Farmers Market
Source: Flickr / Nathan Guy | CC BY-SA 2.0

Alemany Farmer’s Market provides farm-fresh fare, artisanal goods, and street eats in a laid-back atmosphere. When the weather is nice, there is no better place to be on a Saturday in San Francisco. Everything imaginable is there for you to sample. Oysters, pork rinds, almond brittle, fresh fruit, rotisserie chicken, sweets, spices, and sodas.

Overall, it is a scene that everyone should experience and not too crowded either. There are hardly any lines at most of the vendors. You will find something you want at every turn, so be sure to pace yourself. And, remember to take cash.

3. Berkeley Flea Market

Berkeley Flea Market
Source: Flickr / IvyMike | CC BY 2.0

The eclectic, year-round weekend Berkeley Flea Market features vendors offering antiques, collectibles, and handmade crafts. Located in the Ashby BART parking lot makes it easy to get to, although when it is busiest sometimes parking gets harder. A ‘food court’ in one corner offers a great barbecue, fresh ginger juice drinks, and a large fresh produce stand that makes a fantastic fruit salad mixing seasonal berries. 

Besides, there is the legendary Drum Circle adjacent. From amateurs just starting to world-class ethnic drum instructors, from simple beats to layers of syncopated rhythms. Often, skilled dancers join in, entertaining all, and everyone stops by for some toe-tapping enjoyment.

4. De Anza College Flea Market / DASB Flea Market

De Anza College Flea Market
Source: Unsplash / Artificial Photography

De Anza College Flea Market is the best market in Silicon Valley to find vintage items and antiques. This popular monthly flea market started thirty years ago as a student project at De Anza College and is still run by the college council, raising thousands of dollars each year for student programs. 

The market offers a range of stuff and quite a bit of fun. Many plants, clothes, accessories, gardening stuff, home decor, collectibles, food, shoes, toys, umbrellas, and many more. And, it is always a treat to pick up a bag of kettle corn and a snow cone while meandering through the aisles.

5. Treasure Island Flea Market

Treasure Island Flea Market
Source: Flickr / Tom Hilton | CC BY 2.0

Also known as TreasureFest, Treasure Island Flea Market features over 400 vendors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Given its location, what makes TreasureFest unique is its breath-taking view of the Bay area and the city’s skyline.

You will find pretty much anything there spread in many different styles of booths and stalls. However, most vendors sell vintage and antique items. For example, clothes, comics, collectibles, and furniture. Besides featuring over 35 food trucks and eateries, the market also has live music, scavenger hunts for the families, and many more activities.

6. The San Jose Flea Market

The San Jose Flea Market
Source: Flickr / Anuj Biyani | CC BY 2.0

The San Jose Flea Market is the old grandpa of the Bay Area flea markets. The market has been open since the 1960s and attracts visitors from across the Bay looking for promotions on new and used items. The market is like a small town full of vendors selling clothes, electronics, furniture, automotive parts, personal care products, gardening tents, a 400-meter row with diverse products, world foods, and more. Many of the suppliers are importers and sell a large percentage of new imports and brands from markets worldwide.

The San Jose Flea Market is special because this market is truly a fun ride for the whole family. Children will enjoy a vintage carousel, mini-Ferris wheel, and playground with inflatable slides. 

7. Rose Bowl Flea Market

Rose Bowl Flea Market
Source: Flickr / Tristan Loper | CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is a large monthly flea market featuring an eclectic array of crafts, apparel, antiques, and other goods. In fact, this is the largest flea market in California. There are a plethora of amazing vendors ranging from furniture to ceramics, from vintage clothing to records, from light fixtures to art. 

The vendors range from professional antique dealers, artisans, hobbyists, weekend garage sellers, craftsmen of all types, to entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they sell even their own inventions.

8. Arts District Flea Market

Arts District Flea Market
Source: Flickr / Tristan Loper | CC BY-SA 2.0

Specialized in local artsy-type things, the bustling Arts District Flea Market is a relatively small fair with a cool vibe and friendly people. You can find pretty much anything, from cheap cool stuff to pricey chic items, from vintage to new things. For example, you can go shopping for clothes from the 80s and 90s, plants, books, jewelry, and more.

Most of the vendors accept debit cards but you cannot go wrong with cash. Even though it is located in the downtown LA Arts District, this market is not super crowded. Also, right at the entrance, you will find delicious food trucks, and next door there is a trendy beer house that is worth checking out.

9. Long Beach Antique Market

Long Beach Antique Market
Source: Unsplash / Alexander Schimmeck

Located in Veterans Memorial Stadium, the monthly open-air Long Beach Antique Market has over 800 vendors selling antiques, collectibles, and vintage clothing. Overall, it is a very fun place for car enthusiasts, car shows, and performance parts swap meet.

If you love antiques and vintage, you will enjoy strolling the lanes and finding unique items. For the best selection, you will want to arrive early and plan at least 3 hours to explore it. It seems the serious shoppers start at 6 am! Also, be prepared to bargain.

10. Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post
Source: Flickr / Alonzo

Melrose Trading Post is a Sunday open-air market featuring a range of vendors selling antiques, vintage goods, and collectibles. With over 100 friendly vendors, this is a great outdoor place to go and get your mind off things while seeing new things and meeting cool people. You can find unique retro products including clothes, vinyl records, postcards, and much more.

Do not confuse this with a vintage store or thrift market, these are artisans, and these goods are not necessarily cheap. Besides, the market offers a shaded area to relax, delicious food trucks to fuel you, and live music which adds to the atmosphere.

11. Palm Springs Vintage Market

Palm Springs Vintage Market
Source: Flickr / Michael Contos | CC BY-SA 2.0

Palm Springs Vintage Market is an outstanding place to go and look for your vintage items. It is a lot bigger than it seems, with many rows of vendors who have endless eclectic items. All the vendors highly curate their offerings and it can be fun to just look around.

If vintage is your thing and you are anywhere near Palm Springs, this is the place to go. It has a lot of fun throwback items that bring back a lot of good memories growing up. However, the main fashion style seems to be mid-century modern. It is great even to simply check out the good food and the jazz music.

12. Sacramento Antique Faire

Sacramento Antique Faire
Source: Flickr / Robert Couse-Baker | CC BY 2.0

The outdoor Sacramento Antique Faire is a monthly flea market offering a wide selection of antiques, vintage furniture, home goods, and clothing. It is very large, filling up 2 full city blocks with vendors from Northern California

Featuring a fast-paced, high-energy show with lots of customers and vendors, the items range from antique to vintage, from mid-century to eclectic. This is the go-to place to find that rough diamond, Danish modern or mid-century piece at a reasonable price. Vendors are willing to take reasonable offers and some even offer delivery. Get there early as it gets really crowded by lunchtime. There are also coffee and food vendors, as well as ATMs.

13. Orange County Market Place

Orange County Market Place
Source: Flickr / AngryJulieMonday | CC BY 2.0

The permanent weekend swap meet of Orange County Market Place has nearly 1,000 merchants, snack booths, and seasonal live entertainment. You can find a wide range of items including Himalayan salt lamps, air plants, crystals, essential oils, and beautiful jewelry from Peru and the Amazon.

This is definitely one of the higher-end swap meets in Orange County with lots of unique vendors and many places to eat. Not to mention the option to drink while looking at all the different vendors. The food is fresh and organic, the tables/eating areas are clean, and the bussers are helpful and friendly. Parking is also very easy to find around there.

14. PCC Flea Market

PCC Flea Market
Source: Flickr / jen | CC BY 2.0

Located in Pasadena, PCC Flea Market is a monthly market boasting over 500 vendors selling a range of antiques, clothing, wares, and street fair. Besides the antique, you can find succulents, cacti, and other rare plants at Space 612. A couple of aisles have records, CDs, and music-related items.

Take lots of sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes because there is plenty of walking. With 3 different areas to explore, you will need several hours to see everything. There are two outdoor areas, located in parking lots and the larger area located in a parking structure.

15. Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market

Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market
Source: Pexels / Kai Pilger

The Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market has furniture, rugs, and more items to help upgrade your home décor. The market is small, cute, and well organized. The vendors and organizers are warm and friendly. And, there are a couple of food trucks and fresh baked goods raising money for doggies.

Even though it is small with approximately 100 vendors, the merchandise is picked carefully and very unique.  The variety of items for sale is unbelievable and the prices are fair. You can find from vintage to eccentric items including crystal, china, furniture, exotic plants.