25 Best Things to Do in Guam (GU)

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Located in the heart of the Western Pacific, Guam is the largest of the Mariana and Micronesia islands with a year-round tropical climate. This US territory is 30-mile long and 10-mile wide. Guam is best known for its beaches, Chamorro culture and places that tell a little about the history of its Spanish colonization and its role during World War II.

The island is divided into two parts: the north, where the coral reefs are; and the south, a mountainous and volcanic region.

Interactive Map of 25 Things to Do in Guam (GU)

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1. Plaza de España

Plaza de Espana-1
Source: Flickr / Hajime Nakano | CC BY 2.0

The calm, picturesque and historic small town of Hagåtña is the capital of Guam and the Plaza de España is its center. When walking around the city you will come across traces of the island’s 4000-year history, from the Chamorro period, to the Spanish era and the Japanese occupation during the World War II. And Plaza de España is no different. With  many historical and heritage aspects to it, the square is also a park and place of gathering.

In addition, the 1.6-mile Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail will take you back in time through a Chamorro Village and remnants of the Spanish occupation in a walk that takes around 1.5h to complete.

2. Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lover’s Point)

Puntan Dos Amantes-1
Source: Wikimedia / Daderot | Public Domain

At the top of the hill and with a beautiful view of Tumon Bay, Two Lovers Point is one of the most popular attractions in Guam. Just like in movies and many other places in the world, the thing about Two Lovers Point is to attach a lock with the name of couples in love.

The place became known because of the legend of two lovers who threw themselves off the cliff to be together for all eternity. After that, the fame of the place became a tourist attraction and receives many travelers, including wedding parties and other celebrations.

3. T Galleria By DFS, Guam

T Galleria By DFS Guam
Source: Flickr / nekotank | CC BY-ND 2.0

An interesting fact about Guam is that this US territory is a duty-free island and the T Galleria By DFS is where you can all the luxury items you want. Their products include handbags, fragrances, souvenirs, accessories and, of course, most items are designer goods.

This retail chain also provides its customers with complimentary wifi, currency exchange and shuttle service. The building has easy access to public transportation and as a bonus you can get infusion coffee and tea inside the gallery.

4. Inarajan Natural Pool

Inarajan Natural Pool-1
Source: Flickr / David Jones | CC BY 2.0

The natural pools of Inarajan are the highlight of a former Spanish village. The Spanish were the first to occupy the Inarajan Village in 1521, and over time, it became one of the most populous villages of Guam. To this day, houses from the Spaniard period are still preserved and you can see many traces of the Hispanic culture. Because of its history, many tourists visit the area to learn more about the past of the Guam community.

There is also a small church built just before the start of World War II, besides the natural pools of Inarajan. Protected from strong waves by a ring of natural coral, they are an excellent place for a quick swim or to go snorkeling.

5. Fish Eye Marine Park (Visitor Center)

Fish Eye Marine Park-1
Source: Flickr / Yu-Chan Chen | Public Domain

Located at Piti Bay, one of the most important fish nursery places on the island, Fish Eye Marine Park has offers a unique way to explore the ocean. The 1000-ft wooden pier takes you to the 360-degree upper deck observatory. But the highlight is to go down the spiral staircase to Micronesia’s only undersea observatory, 30-ft below water.

Here, you can also snorkel, walk on the seabed, and watch the marine life within the local coral reef. Keep in mind that prices vary by activity and you may need to book in advance. After your adventures at the park, be sure to have a meal at their buffet restaurant and buy a souvenir at the gift shop.

6. Ritidian Point

Ritidian Point
Source: Flickr / Jonathan Miske | CC BY-SA 2.0

The beach known as Ritidian Point is the northernmost point of the island, in the heart of the ecological reserve of Guam National Wildlife Refuge. There, the jungle finds the beach and the butterflies brighten up the tourists’ day. To visit the place, you need to be careful. Attentive watchmen reprimand relaxed visitors who insist on entering the water with sunscreen on or leaving trash on the sand.

Additionally, this region and its white sandy beaches are a great place to learn more about the Chamorros history. Discover the rock art in one of its caves and the fossils of ancient Chamorros settlements in the region.

7. Fort Nuestra Senora de Soledad

Fort Nuestra Senora de Soledad-1
Source: Flickr / David Jones | CC BY 2.0

Built in the early 19th century, the Fort Nuestra Senora de Soledad is in the south of Guam, on Umatac Bay. The structure is the best preserved of its kind, considered a great example of the Spanish architecture in the region. The fort used to be used to observe movement at sea since the region suffered from the imminent danger of pirates.

There are guided tours and explanations of the villages formed around the building, including the village of Umatac. In addition, the top of the building has an incredible view. This is the perfect setting for that delicious lunch break between other attractions.

8. Merizo Pier Park

Merizo Pier Park
Source: Flickr / alexxis | CC BY-ND 2.0

Guam has a beautiful barrier reef in its southern tip, and it is exactly in this area that the Merizo Pier Park was established. Because of its rich marine life, there are a multitude of water sports options, especially diving. The park is known for hosting cultural events and every year, Malesso Fiestian Tasi takes place there, an event dedicated to activities at sea.

Besides being a great swimming area, local guides will take you out to spot dolphins and sea turtles. This is also the best photo zone in Guam because it shows amazing sky with shining ocean and an incredible view of Cocos Island in the background.

9. SandCastle Guam

SandCastle Guam
Source: Flickr / Arco | CC BY-ND 2.0

Guam’s must-do experience, SandCastle, involves showgirls, magic and tigers! Yes, Guam has its own Las Vegas style show. They offer different entertaining performances, from a casual to cocktail shows and an elegant dinner. You need not worry about seats because you will have a great view no matter what.

The tigers are very well taken care of and you can even visit the backstage to meet the team of animal experts behind this spectacular exhibition. And to top it all up, some shows require crowd interaction!

10. Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica

Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica-1
Source: Flickr / Junpei Abe | CC BY 2.0

One of the most prominent historical site in Hagåtña is Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, the center of Guam’s Catholic community donated in 1669 by a Chamorro chief. Just like many other attractions in Guam, this structure was destroyed during World War II but rebuilt by American missionaries in 1955. It is nowadays a beautiful symbol of Guam’s history and faith.

Located next to Plaza de España, the cathedral is white, with colorful window grilles and its size calls for attention given that it is not very big for a basilica. There you can also visit a souvenir shop, but you can only go in after donating to the church.

11. Ypao Beach

Ypao Beach-1
Source: Flickr / Daniel Ramirez | CC BY 2.0

Crystal-clear waters and soft fine sand compose Ypao Beach, in the south end of Tumon Bay. This bayside park is big enough for many beach activities but the main one is snorkeling during high tide. The entire family is in for a treat with all the colorful fish living there. Popular for picnics, Ypao Beach has facilities like huts, outdoor showers, barbecue pits and toilets.

Given the busy beach that it is, please keep in mind to never touch the coral or feed the fish in order to protect them. In addition, remember to take your trash with you at the end of the day.

12. UnderWater World

UnderWater World-1
Source: Wikimedia / Fascinating Universe | CC BY-SA 3.0

Opened in 1999, the UnderWater World is a large tunnel-aquarium in Guam. You literally walk through as the aquarium surrounds you and marine animals swim and float around you. At UnderWater World the staff is always making sure the place is intact, and the glass is so clean you feel you are underwater. They feature a variety of fish and jellyfish, but the protagonists are always the sharks and turtles.

If you take your time, it should take you around 45 minutes to walk through the entire tunnel. In addition, they also offer dining experiences and diving in the tanks.

13. Guam National Wildlife Refuge

Guam National Wildlife Refuge-1
Source: Flickr / Jonathan Miske | CC BY-SA 2.0

The Guam National Wildlife Refuge is on the extreme north of Guam and includes Ritidian Point. You might need a couple of days to explore this beautiful park. Besides the white-sand beaches with tropical fish, you can also go on trails to some caves in the area.

The area is also an important heritage site with a lot of history to tell. Some of the attractions include old church, burial grounds caves with ancient writings, and a newly discovered village dating back to the 1500s. If you plan in advance the park also provides scheduled tours of historical sites.

14. Tumon Beach

Tumon Beach-1
Source: Flickr / Hajime Nakano | CC BY 2.0

Tumon Bay is the main beach on the island of Guam, where most of the major hotels, oceanview restaurants and beach bars are located. In addition, it is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Despite being totally urban, the color of the sea and the beautiful landscape, make Tumon Beach a destination that cannot be left out.

So, enjoy Tumon Beach from the gorgeous Gun Beach on the extreme north of Tumon Bay to the Ypao Beach Parkon the south. This is a great place to watch the sunset while the kids snorkel in the calm crystal-clear waters of the bay.

15. Sella Bay Overlook

Sella Bay Overlook-1
Source: Flickr / happyfish70 | CC BY-ND 2.0

Near the city of Santa Rita, Sella Bay is one of the most peaceful coves on the entire island. It is on the southern part of the land portion and is accessed from the main coastal highway. From the Sella Bay Overlook, there is a 30-minute walk to the sea. The moderate trail, filled with wildflowers, is accessible year-round.

At the end of the trail, next to the strip of sand there is historic Spanish bridge built in the 19th century. After crossing the river, you will reach a beautiful beach area, photos are definitely a must there.

16. Sharks Cove

Sharks Cove
Source: Flickr / tdlucas5000 | CC BY 2.0

Around Guam you will come across many secluded beaches surrounded by dense forest, and Sharks Cove beach makes you feel like you are in an abandoned tropical paradise. Chances are you will have this place entirely to yourself. So, enjoy the peace and go discover the wonders of the local coral reef and its blue starfish residents, or even the cultural artifacts hidden in the jungle.

The entrance to Sharks Cove is only 30 yards past the hill of Tanguisson Beach Park and you have to walk for about a mile to get there. In addition, accessories like snorkels and swimming shoes are recommended.

17. Gadao’s Cave

Gadaos Cave
Source: Wikimedia / LegoLooney27 | CC BY-SA 4.0

North of Inarajan village, Gadao’s Cave would be like any other cave if it were not for its 50 pictographs painted with a mixture of coral lime and tree sap. Interestingly, they represent a big mystery since no one knows who or when they were painted.

To get to the cave there is a small hike leading to the cave but the starting point of the trail is not that easy to find so keep your eyes open on Route 4. Along the path down to the cave, the craggy rocks can be tricky to navigate. However, they make for some fantastic tide pools from the waves great for discovering small marine life.

18. War in the Pacific National Historic Park

War in the Pacific National Historic Park
Source: Wikimedia / Daderot | Public Domain Dedication

Located less than 10-minutes driving from the capital Hagåtña and next to the sea, the War in the Pacific National Historic Park honors the soldiers who fought in the World War II.

You might want to set aside a few hours to explore the park. It is very large with many outdoor sections to explore, such as the Asan Bay Overlook, Piti Guns Unit and the Ga’an Point. In addition, you can visit trenches and original buildings from the time when Guam served as a strategic base for the US. They also have a museum-type visitor center showing the history of Guam and the war in the Pacific.

19. Cocos Island

Cocos Island-1
Source: Wikimedia / MannyFR | CC BY-SA 3.0

Originally called Dano Island, this mile long island is only two miles off the Southern tip of Guam. Even though it is an uninhabited island you can still visit by simply taking a ferry from Merizo Pier.

Cocos Island is divided into two parts. The first one is a public area owned by the government where you can go for a relaxing day and camping is allowed. The other part is the private Coco Island Resort, which functions as an amusement park. At this day resort you can enjoy from water sports to parasailing and a jungle tour.

20. Valley of the Latte Adventure Park

Valley of the Latte Adventure Park
Source: Flickr / COMSEVENTHFLT | CC BY-SA 2.0

Located at Talofofo Bay, the Valley of the Latte is Guam’s main adventure park, where visitors can get in touch with the Chamorro culture and nature at the same time. Among the activities offered is the Adventure River Cruise, which takes you through the Talofofo and Ugum Rivers. This is the only boat trip focused on the island’s culture.

In addition, there is a range of activities to be a part of, such as kayaking, fishing, stand-up paddle and scuba diving. The Latte also has a botanical garden and basket weaving courses. Not to mention the Animal Sanctuary you get to visit while there.

21. Cetti Bay Overlook

Cetti Bay Overlook-1
Source: Flickr / amanderson2 | CC BY 2.0

When driving around the island, Cetti Bay Overlook is the perfect stop for a break and a beautiful view. You can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the island and all the fresh air you can breathe. The overlook has two levels of elevation and there are always locals selling fresh coconut water right at the entrance. They even break the coconut so you can eat the young coconut meat.

Besides the view composed of shoreline and horizon, Cetti Bay Overlook is also the starting point of some great hike. This is where you will access Mount Lam Lam, Mt. Jumullong and Cetti Bay.

22. Talofofo Falls

Talofofo Falls-1
Source: Wikimedia / 竹森聖 | CC BY-SA 3.0

The Talofofo Falls on Ugum River is a popular park with many attractions and much history. You can take your pick from cablecars, amusement park, haunted house and the Talofofo Falls.

A curious fact is that after World War II a Japanese soldier hid in this area for 28 years because he did not know the war was over. So, make sure to visit the Yokoi Cave where he lived and the local museum which tells his story amongst many other. From the free and peaceful Chamorro times to the Spanish colonization and the Japanese invasion, you will learn all the history of Guam.

23. Gef Pa’go

Gef Pago
Source: Flickr / Michael Guzman | CC BY 2.0

Gef Pa’go is a Chamorro cultural village run mainly by elderly Chamorro people. Among the cultural experiences you can be a part while visiting include learning how to make rope. Not to mention how to properly husk and shred a coconut. Make sure to also try their local food, coconut candy and freshly baked bread.

The village is located at the margins of Inarajan Bay and the beaches there are also known as the “black sand beaches”. Across the bay you can visit the Gadao’s Cave through an easy and short grassy path. Once you arrive at the cave, turn back to discover the ancient writing on the wall.

24. Resort Onward Waterpark

Resort Onward Waterpark
Source: Pexels / Pixabay | CC BY 2.0

The playful Onward water park is actually part of the Resort Onward Waterpark featuring slides, a wave pool, river pool and zip lining. Next to the Agana Bay and within walking distance of both UnderWater World Guam and the Plaza de España, this is a very organized establishment. For example, they have a schedule listed for the wave pool, so you know when to go.

At Onward Waterpark fun is guaranteed for the entire family, even those who want to just relax on the lazy river or the jacuzzi. As a bonus, they have the best selection of activities with regular games for the kids.

25. Alfredo’s Steakhouse

Alfredos Steakhouse
Source: Pexels / 奥尼尔 孙 | CC BY 2.0

Located in Tumon Bay, the Dusi Thani Guam Resort provides a wide variety of eclectic dining options and Alfredo’s Steakhouse is the main one. Although it is a bit pricey, you cannot go wrong with this fine dining restaurant. Offers sizzling wagyu, fresh lobster and seafood, the food is top-notch. This is a great place to have a sunset meal with a beautiful view of the bay.

Tasi Grill, Soi, Aqua, Lobby Lounge and Dusit Gourmet are the other dining options within the Dusi Thani Guam Resort.