25 Best Things to Do in Twin Falls (ID)

Source: Flickr / Dave Bezaire | CC BY-SA 2.0

Twin Falls is called the Magic Valley region and was founded in 1904. Nowadays, the city is the fastest-growing city in South-Central Idaho and the seventh-largest city in the state. Twin Falls is best known as the gateway to the Snake River Canyon and a popular base destination for those visiting the Shoshone Falls.

Curiously, Twin Falls is also home to the world’s largest yogurt manufacturing plant, Chobani Yogurt Company. Not to mention this is where Evil Knievel attempted and failed to jump across the canyon on a steam-powered rocket. 

Interactive Map of 25 Things to Do in Twin Falls (ID)

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1. Shoshone Falls Park

Shoshone Falls Park
Source: Flickr / G Yancy | CC BY 2.0

Shoshone Falls Park features a green space with a boat launch and scenic overlook of the Shoshone Falls themselves. The park also offers trails, picnic areas, and a concession stand. You cannot go to Twin Falls without seeing Shoshone Falls, aka “Niagara of the West.” The falls are absolutely gorgeous and you do not really expect them to simply appear as you drive in the desert for hours. 

The bridge over the canyon is a tourist attraction itself and you can even see base jumpers from time to time. If you are deciding whether to stop at the observation deck at the entrance or go further down – go down. You will see a few waterfalls and the close-up view is hard to beat.

2. Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs
Source: Flickr / minka6 | CC BY 2.0

Besides being a campground, Miracle Hot Springs functions as geothermal spring pools and offers mineral baths and massages. Some of the pools are hotter than others so there are a few options depending on what temperature you prefer. This is an amazing spot for a stopover on your way to other locations or to play on the Snake River. 

The campground itself is stunning, really well taken care of with clean bathrooms and the sites are large enough for RVs and groups. They also have a geodesic dome cabin so you can stay under beautiful apple trees and near a pit which is home to an alligator.

3. Sawtooth National Forest

Sawtooth National Forest
Source: Flickr / minka6 | CC BY 2.0

With crystal-clear water, Sawtooth National Forest is a sprawling park with scenic byways, camping, hiking, and more. Amid a varied terrain covering 2 million acres, the park features rivers, lakes, and creeks for all tastes. Within the park, the Elk Creek Campsite is perfect for those traveling with children.

If you want to go on an amazing hike with the best view of the Sawtooth mountains, take the ferry across Redfish Lake and then hike 4 miles up to the Bench Lakes. On the way up you will see all the best views of the lake and the mountains. Some other hikes around the park include Galena Trails, Fox Creek, Adam’s Gulch, and Forbidden Fruit.

4. Perrine Memorial Bridge

Perrine Memorial Bridge
Source: Flickr / Matthew Dillon | CC BY 2.0

Known for its minimalist construction and height, Perrine Memorial Bridge is a truss-arch bridge spanning the Snake River. There are stairs and short trails down for better views. The bridge can be seen from both sides with views to the river, canyon, and some waterfalls. There are pull outs to park the car on both sides of the road and the bridge and everything it is well indicated. 

Enjoy the landscape and take some pictures but be careful as it is quite windy! Also, it is great to see the BASE jumpers leaping from the bridge – there are plenty of spots to see them along the canyon wall.

5. Twin Falls County Fairgrounds

Twin Falls County Fairgrounds
Source: Flickr / Matt | CC BY-ND 2.0

Located only about 20-30 minutes away from Shoshone Falls, Centennial Park, and some of the best kayaking opportunities in the world, Twin Falls County Fairgrounds is where everything happens. The first fair to happen on these grounds was the Southern Idaho Fair of 1916. And since then, the foundation’s goal has been to preserve Twin Falls’ agricultural heritage.

The Twin Falls County Fair always offers a good time for the whole family and the grounds are in great shape no matter what event you attend. With fun rides and tasty snacks, you are guaranteed to have a good time there.

6. Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail
Source: Flickr / Bureau of Land Management | CC BY 2.0

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail offers a 10-mile system of hiking and cycling trails with dramatic views over the Snake River Canyon. The paths are wide, and good for walking, dogs, strollers, wheelchairs, biking, skating, and even skateboarding.

This is a fantastic ride and experience along the rim at 500 feet above the Snake River. If you visit it at the right time, you might be able to watch base jumpers from the bridge near the Visitor’s Center. Ride the trail down the steep wall into the canyon to the west and you get the reward of spectacular views of Shoshone Falls.

7. Centennial Waterfront Park

Centennial Waterfront Park
Source: Flickr / Stephen Hanafin | CC BY-SA 2.0

Centennial Waterfront Park is a public park on Snake River featuring kayak/canoe rentals, guided boat tours, BBQs, and a playground. The park features a great hike with some steep drop off spots and uneven terrain. You can walk behind the huge Shoshone Falls for some fun pics or just relax in one of the many shaded spots along the river.

However, do not stop at just Shoshone Falls but head down to the river for kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, boating, and more. Just be aware of the boating rules. For example, you must always have a life jacket with you.

8. JumpTime Idaho

JumpTime Idaho-1
Source: JumpTime Twin Falls

The indoor trampoline park JumpTime Idaho provides a physical activity at an affordable price for children, plus an arcade room. You can choose from extreme dodgeball, trampoline wall and airbag, inflatables, and aeroball.

This is a popular destination for birthday parties as the booking is easy and the whole event is taken care of by the staff. Besides, they have couches for the parents so they can sit and watch. JumpTime also counts with a restaurant that sells snacks, pizzas, and cupcakes.

9. Dierkes Lake Park

Dierkes Lake Park
Source: Flickr / Idaho Fish and Game | CC BY-SA 2.0

The charming lakeside Dierkes Lake Park features recreational amenities, such as hiking trails and a volleyball pit. The most popular hike is the 1.7-mile non-paved trail that goes around the lake. This is also a great place for swimming, rock climbing, and cliff jumping. Non-motorized boats are allowed in the lake so feel free to bring a paddleboard or a kayak and float away.

There are two large gazebo structures and small usable barbeques making the park a great place for large gatherings and outings as well. So, if you bring a cooler with some snacks you could spend hours down there that will fly by like minutes.

10. Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs & Campground

Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs and Campground-1
Source: Nat-Soo-Pah

Located 20 minutes driving from Twin Falls, Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs & Campground is a great family-oriented campground with hot pools year-round. With magical mineral waters, this place offers fun for all ages with all their fun slides and diving boards. The spa tub is about the same temperature as the regular pool, but the hot soak pool is very hot, which pleases mostly the adults.

The campground itself is quiet and shaded. And they offer many rental options in case you forgot something like towels, lockers, and floaties.

11. Twin Falls Idaho Temple

Twin Falls Idaho Temple
Source: Flickr / Michael Whiffen | CC BY 2.0

Twin Falls Idaho Temple is the official worshiping temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons, in the city. This is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. 

You must provide special identification at the entrance to go inside; members of the church are the only people permitted inside. Non-members can walk around and see the beautiful flowers and take photos outside. The purpose of Temples is for higher worship and learning as well as ordinance work for those who have died. For example, they offer baptism for those who have not been provided a chance to receive this blessing.

12. Minidoka National Historic Site

Minidoka National Historic Site
Source: Wikimedia / Stan Honda | Public Domain

Minidoka National Historic Site marks the remains of a WWII relocation camp in a national park. In 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese descendants suffered a lot of prejudice from a panicked population who believed any Japanese person could be a spy. So, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans into 10 isolated centers and Minidoka was one of them.

Nowadays, visitors can walk through the grounds and tour the buildings where these people used to live at Hunt Camp. The movie at the Visitor Center is worth the 30 minutes to learn more about what happened back then.

13. Zip the Snake with AWOL Adventure Sports

Zip the Snake with AWOL Adventure Sports
Source: Pixabay / sebadelval

Located at Centennial Waterfront Park, Zip the Snake offers 4 zip-line rides in a canyon with a golf course, plus boat tours on Snake River. Operated by AWOL Adventure Sports, they also provide scuba diving tours as well as paddleboards and kayak rentals.

Zip-lining with AWOL Adventure Sports is quite an exhilarating and unique experience for all ages when visiting Twin Falls! It is not often that you will be able to ride a 1750ft zip-line in a canyon while overlooking a waterfall, a beautiful bridge, and a manicured golf course. You will reach a speed of 45 mph and the final line is even longer than the Perrine Bridge itself.

14. Evel Knievel Jump Monument

Evel Knievel Jump Monument-1
Source: Wikimedia / Maitra | CC BY 3.0

Southside of Perrine Bridge, on the west side of the bridge, is the Evel Knievel Jump Monument. As well as an observation platform, parking lot, and an information center. With his motorcycle, Evel Knievel became famous for defying death and his Twin Falls Canyon jump is one of his most memorable stunts.

Note that there are two possible locations on the map.  There is a monument to tell the history of the jump attempt near the Perrine Bridge. But there is also a trail that starts at Shoshone Falls which will take you to the actual jump site.

15. Niagara Springs State Park

Niagara Springs State Park
Source: Flickr / Matt | CC BY-ND 2.0

Niagara Springs State Park sits right along the Snake River and it has a well-stocked pond to drown a worm or two. Rock hopping is great depending on the water level offering plenty of exploring opportunities for the kids. The drive down to Niagara Springs can be quite enjoyable as you head towards the canyon.

It has a great day use and camping park that is well maintained and can accommodate a large camping group if reserved ahead. And do not forget the mosquito repellent. You will need it!

16. Canyon Springs Golf Course

Canyon Springs Golf Course-2
Source: Unsplash / Lo Sarno

The 18-hole golf course at Canyon Springs Golf Course is a nice, flat, and easy walk. The course is right next to Snake River and the setting is beautiful with amazing views of the Perrine Bridge and its surroundings. For instance, at hole 13 you will have a great view of Perrine Coulee Falls.

Overall, the scenery is beautiful, the course itself is challenging and the staff is very nice. Canyon Springs is one of the best courses in Southern Idaho and it is a great attraction for tourists, given all the beautiful background.

17. Twin Falls County Museum

Twin Falls County Museum-1
Source: Wikimedia / Chris Light | CC BY-SA 4.0

Focused on the history of Twin Falls and its surrounding, Twin Falls County Museum is well laid out with very well-done displays. If you want to learn the local history, history of the falls, or of the 1914 Union School building where the museum is located, this is the place to check out. 

There, you will learn about how the locals used to live and how they used to teach at school, as well as the ranching culture around there. The museum features old farm equipment, Magic Valley historic photos, an old Pioneer House in the back, plus an old playground that the kids love.

18. Gemstone Climbing Gym

Gemstone Climbing Gym-1
Source: Pexels / Allan Mas

Known as the best climbing gym in Southern Idaho, Gemstone Climbing Gym is large, and the walls are very tall, always offering a great challenge. This is actually the only Indoor Rock Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness Gym in the region. They have something for everything and provide activities for all ages and abilities.

There are a lot more climbing routes than the average place. Even if large groups are around you, you can still get to the route you want without having to be stuck behind lines for a climb. And they even have a great kids’ section and a boulder wall.

19. Tandem Base

Tandem Base
Source: Flickr / A Silly Person | CC BY-SA 2.0

Tandem Base provides the unique experience of jumping off the Perrine Bridge with a parachute. This is a very dangerous and thrilling experience that takes years of skydiving experience to master. But, with Sean and his team at Tandem Base, you can feel secure and they are even used to providing the experience to physically disabled people.

This is a once-in-life-time experience and Sean makes sure everything is safe by giving clear step by step instructions on what is going to happen. So, do not miss the opportunity to jump into the Snake River canyon as you will have a unique angle of it.

20. Twin Falls Farmers Market

Twin Falls Farmers Market
Source: Flickr / Dave Dugdale | CC BY-SA 2.0

Across the street from Herrett Center, Twin Falls Farmers Market offers a great atmosphere with friendly people and fresh produce. Besides veggies and fruits, you can also find all sorts of meats and crafts. You can even find some local art and purchase your Twin Falls souvenir right there. Plus, everyone is very welcoming and will go out of their way to help you find what you want.

There is even a popcorn vendor with multicolored kernels and no unpopped corn. Besides, Pet Wants is great to purchase some healthy and tasty treats for your four-legged friends.

21. Herrett Center

Herrett Center-1
Source: Pixabay / Efraimstochter

Herrett Center for Arts and Science is the College of Southern Idaho’s museum of anthropology and natural history, with emphasis on prehistoric American continents. The museum is designed with children in mind and has many displays at their eye level and for them to touch and handle. Exhibits include displays of Native American lifeways and material culture, natural science, prehistory and paleontology, art, and Mesoamerican history. 

There is also a planetarium, the Faulkner Planetarium, with a variety of shows at a very reasonable price. Not to mention the Centennial Observatory where you will have access to the Norman Herrett telescope.

22. Orton Botanical Garden

Orton Botanical Garden
Source: Flickr / Corey Bazalowich | CC BY-ND 2.0

Orton Botanical Garden is truly a wonderful garden featuring a huge variety of desert plants with a focus on being supportive of local pollinators. The garden is a paradise for lovers of succulents and cacti as well as Idaho native plants.

Besides, the owner of the garden is very polite and extremely knowledgeable of every plant in this garden. No question goes unanswered there. If you are visiting from out of town or live nearby and have a love for plants, then this is a must-see location. It is a relaxing outing for families to walk through the garden. There are benches throughout the garden to rest and reflect on its beauty.

23. Faulkner Planetarium

Faulkner Planetarium-1
Source: Wikimedia / ESO | CC BY 2.0

Opened to the public in 1995 and with a capacity to host 144 visitors, Faulkner Planetarium is the largest and most advanced planetarium in Idaho. Part of the Herrett Center for Arts and Science, Faulkner offers a variety of shows including some with live sky tours. Besides being educational and entertaining, the shows transport you through space and time. For example, you can watch a documentary about the Apollo missions.

Also, you can walk through the museum where there are lots of hands-on activities for kids, and enough reading material to keep adults informed. 

24. Magic Valley Mall

Magic Valley Mall
Source: Wikimedia / Maitra | CC BY-SA 3.0

Perched on the edge of the Snake River Canyon, Magic Valley Mall is a shopping center offering amazing views. The mall has the typical selection of mall stores and the employees are really nice and helpful. Some of the stores you will find there include American Eagle Store, JCPenney, Sears, Sephora, Maurices, and more.

It also features many great options of food like Olive Garden, Five Guys, Red Robin, Taco Bell, and Costa Vida. Also, Magic Valley Cinema 13 adds a special touch to the mall with fresh and warm popcorn and cold soda.

25. Elevation 486

Elevation 486
Source: Elevation 486

The upscale brick bistro of Elevation 486 offers globally-inspired fare and a full bar with a diverse wine list and several options of beer on tap. Plus, they have plenty of outdoor seating as well as window-side seating providing scenic views of the sweeping canyon, Perrine Bridge, and Snake River. With a fantastic location, they offer well-prepared and well-plated delicious food.

Elevation 486’s most popular dishes include Prime Rib, Tomato Bisque, and Red Trout. And make sure to order their delicious Bottomless Mimosas to accompany your meal.