25 Best Things to Do in Green Bay (WI)

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In the state of Wisconsin, Green Bay is located right near Lake Michigan. It’s the 3rd largest city in the state, and also the 3rd largest city on the west shore of the lake, right after Chicago and Milwaukee.

The city is known as the state’s oldest settlement. For hundreds of years, it’s been known for its beaver pelts, paper production, and their shipping industry. Green Bay is also famous for football, as for their team the Green Bay Packers. Between the many things to do in Green Bay, you can visit the Green Bay Botanical Garden, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, and enjoy a fun day at Bay Beach Amusement Park. 

Interactive Map of 25 Best Things to Do in Green Bay (WI)

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1. Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field in Green Bay
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Lambeau Field is an outdoor athletic stadium, the home of the Green Bay Packers. The stadium is located at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, that’s named after a former head coach, Vince Lombardi. The home field of the Packers is hosting field view tours, where you can walk down the same tunnel the players do on their games, and in the meantime, you can learn about the history of the team and the stadium. You can also visit the Hall of Fame, the Lambeau Field Atrium, and you can enjoy a great meal at the 1919 Kitchen & Tap bar, that’s featuring 40 beer taps as well. 

2. Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden
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The botanical garden is located at 2600 Larsen Road, in Green Bay. A place created to provide a beautiful display of northeastern Wisconsin’s four-season. The garden is open all over the year for visitors who are interested in learning about nature and spend quality time with friends and family. You can find a large variety of beautiful flower gardens and rare plants in more than 10 locations in the botanical garden. There’s a beautiful viewpoint at Stumpf Belvedere and a Hobbit house to discover! If you’re visiting with your family, the little ones will enjoy visiting the Children’s Garden too!

3. Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame
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The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame was the first hall of fame built in honor of a professional American football team. Since the 70’s more than 160 individuals were inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. The exhibition occupies two levels in the Lambeau Field Atrium. This is a tribute of the football in Green Bay, where you can explore the rich history of the Packers through interactive displays and the treasure trove of artifacts. You’ll be introduced also to the Packers team of today, while you’re visiting. You link this visit with a visit to the Lambeau Field as well.

4. Bay Beach Amusement Park

Green Bay Amusement Park
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Bay Beach Amusement Park Is located at the mouth of Fox River, adjacent to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. The amusement park is open for over a century, providing all-day long fun activities for locals and visitors. In present-day, the amusement park provides 23 different rides, such as a big wheel, tilt-a-whirl, bumper cars, giant slide, and many more. There’s also a food pavilion where movies, dances, and other events are held that you can join. Bay Beach Amusement Park is also the home of the famous hundred years old roller coaster, the Zippin Pippin.

5. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife park in Green Bay
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The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary offers a nature-friendly experience for those visiting Green Bay. The 600-acre urban wildlife refuge features live animal exhibits, various wildlife viewing opportunities, and educational displays. You can find in the sanctuary hiking and skiing trails as well. You also have the opportunity for fishing (catch and release), and if you’d spend the night in a natural habitat, the sanctuary also has rooms to rent. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has great public programs like Wolf Feeding and Talk, or Public Owl Powl, and Fox Trots. These are also for free! On specific dates, the sanctuary is organizing special events, such as Green Bay Kids Day, Autumn Adventures, or Walk for Wildlife.

6. NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

Zoo Park in Green Bay Wisconsin
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NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is one of the 7 accredited self-sustaining zoos in the country. NEW Zoo has a range of programs to offer such as Giraffe Feeding, Behind the Scene-Tours, and Zookeeper for a Day activity. The Zookeeper program is really popular, and it gives you a behind the scene-view on nurturing the wildlife in the zoo. Besides the wonderful animal exhibits, you can also use the Zip Line, which will take up to the observation tower, from where you’ll have a great overview of the habitat and the animal exhibits. The Adventure Park is designed for family, team building activities, and children groups where you can choose between extreme challenges, rope, zip line, and climbing challenges.

Address: 4378 Reforestation Rd, Green Bay

7. National Railroad Museum

Museums Worth Visit in Green Bay
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The National Railroad Museum is located in Ashwaubenon, the suburban area of the city. It’s one of the oldest and largest institutions in the US preserving the national railroad’s history. There are different exhibits to explore, such as the Passenger Experience 1940-1960, that contains uniform exhibits, a replica of a railroad bar, and vintage advertisements. You can also see the famous Union Pacific #4017 – Big Boy, of which only 25 were constructed in the 1940s. The Railroad Museum has also a children’s discovery depot, that’s offering a fun hands-on educating experience of the railroad history! As of last, but not least, you can also go on a fun ride with one of the museum’s vintage trains, or join the theater presentation to learn more about the Union Pacific Big Boys.

Address: 2285 S Broadway, Green Bay

8. Heritage Hill State Park

Activities in Green Bay Wisconsin
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Heritage Hill State Historical Park lies on 56-acres, and it’s an open-air museum near the Fox River. You can discover restored historic buildings that are representing 4 historical times of Northeastern Wisconsin. First, the Fur Trade that’s featuring the 18th century’s trading with the so-called New France. As second, Fort Howard, that’s representing the 19th century’s history, when the US government built a chain of forts to protect this area. Third, the Growing Community that’s representing the 2nd part of the 19th century. The last is the Ethnic Agricultural area that’s featuring the history of farmers from Brabant, and Belgium who settled down here.

9. Oneida Casino

Best Casino in Green Bay
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Green Bay’s most popular casino, Oneida is located right near the city’s airport. The casino offers over 2400 slots and video games in five locations. You can also choose table games, poker, bingo, and off-track betting. In the casino’s lounge, there are different acts, performances, and live music scheduled, for a more enjoyable experience. Oneida Casino also offers a range of dining choices, like Noodle Bar, Pine Tree Grill, or Purcell’s Lounge.

10. The Automobile Gallery

Auto Gallery in Green Bay Wisconsin
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The Automobile Gallery opened in 2006 in the building that was home to a historic dealership, Denil Cadillac. The dealership was operating in the building for almost 40 years, and then it’s been converted into this gallery that’s also featuring event and meeting spaces. Many pieces of the exhibits in the Automobile Gallery are coming from private collections. You can explore some real classics, such as a 1923 T-Bucket, a 1934 Morgan Super Sport, a 1949 Buick Super Sedanette, or a 1983 Ferrari 308 GTSi. There are also newer pieces in the collection, like a 2006 Ford GT, and a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo.

11. Neville Public Museum

Interesting Things To Do Visiting Green Bay
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Neville Public Museum is a general museum featuring Green Bay’s history, art, and science. The museum has a collection of over a million items in their permanent exhibition presenting the past of North Wisconsin. For pre-school children, and older there’s a Discovery Room that’s devoted to educative, hands-on arts, science, and history activities. You can explore other cultures with the International Film Series, look to the skies with the Astronomical Society, and learn about Green Bay’s history. The permanent exhibits include pieces such as mammoth tusk, ancient Egyptian pieces, and even a letter from George Washington. The museum is located near the Fox River, between the downtown and Broadway District, and it’s quite close to many restaurants, bars, and hotels.

12. Zippin Pippin

Best Activieties for family in Green Bay
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Zippin Pippin is one of the oldest existing wooden roller coasters in the United States. The pine roller coaster arrived to Green Bay at Bay Beach Amusement Park in 2010, almost a century later of its making. Zippin Pippin is one of the most popular activity in Bay Beach Amusement Park. The roller coaster took just in the first three years more than one million people on a ride. When you’re visiting Green Bay, if you’re planning on a historical fun ride, the Zippin Pippin will definitely make you scream!

13. Packers Heritage Trail Tour

Green Bay Packers Trail Tour
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To learn more about the history of the football team, Green Bay Packers, the Packers Heritage Trail is a great opportunity for this. The Packers Heritage Trail is a free walking, biking, or even driving tour around the city of Green Bay and De Pere. The trail features 25 bronze plaques located on sites around the city where the colorful history of the Packers and locals unfolded. 14 of these plaques are located downtown, and they are easy to explore during the walking tour. To make it more interesting, you can also do the tour on the trolley! These trolleys are leaving from Lambeau Field, and you’ll be accompanied by amazing tour guides who will help to bring to life the history of the football in the city!

14. Titletown

Is Titletown in Green Bay woth the visit
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Titletown’s park is a year-round open complex adjacent to Lambeau Field. The fun district was developed by Green Bay Packers, to provide entertainment for locals and visitors as well. While you’re visiting the city, in Titletown you can join game day activities, go ice skating, or use tubing lanes. There’s also an immense playground for the little ones, and you can also join outdoor games, and fitness programs, such as Zumba, or yoga. Titletown also features great restaurants, lounges, and bars, such as Leaps and Bounds, or the Taverne in the Sky. You can also explore the Titletown night markets, where you can buy local and hand-made items to remember Green Bay for long. If you’re visiting the city on a game day, definitely check out the special events organized in Titletown.

15. Brown County WI Fonferek’s Glen

Best Nature Sights in Green Bay WI
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A geological treasure, Fonferek’s Glen is a 74-acre nature park located along Bower Creek in the town of Ledgeview. It’s about 10 miles away from the center of Green Bay. If you’re headed on a hike to Fonferek’s Glen, you’ll see on the way a beautiful 30-foot waterfall, dolomite cliffs, and stone archways. The waterfall is about 100-yard away from the parking lot, which can be admired from the designated areas. The best to visit the waterfall is usually early springtime, or after heavy rains. While hiking in the park, you can also discover a natural stone bridge, right near the river with a hole in the middle to look down the river.

16. Meyer Theatre

Old Theatre in Green Bay
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The historic Meyer Theatre opened its doors on Valentine’s Day in 1930. The theater was built in Art Deco and Spanish Colonial Revival style, which can be seen in its beautiful indoor wall decoration and ceiling too. Meyer Theater attracts 70.000 visitors yearly, being one of the handful historic FOX theatres still in function. Besides the shows and the architecture, you can see the almost 100 years old Wurlitzer Pipe Organ as well. The recently restored immense Organ is 16 feet tall and it has more than 500 pipes, which makes it really unique.

17. Captain’s Walk Winery

Best Winery in Green Bay
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Captain’s Walk Winery offers daily premium wine tasting in a lovely, laid-back atmosphere. The building itself is a pre-civil war house greatly preserved for 155 years. Captain’s Walk winery offers wines from the finest growing regions of the United States. While trying the wines, you can also try some real Wisconsin cheeses. While taking a break on the city visit, you can enjoy the premium quality wines on the porch, the tasting room, or in the comfortable lounge upstairs the historic building. Since you’re there, you can join winery tours, as well as you can have a quick look into the production room and wine cellars.

18. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay

Activities for Kids in Green Bay
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The Children’s Museum is located right near the Bay Beach Amusement Park. If you’re on a family trip to Green Bay, the little ones will enjoy the fun, educative, hands-on activities! If one wants to become a football player, make sure to visit the Get Up & Get Moving exhibit, where you’ll be guided through the muscles, and educated how they work. The Digestive System exhibit is also a popular one, where you are the food and you’ll work your way through the body. The Vet Clinic exhibit is the third must-see, where the kids are thought about nurturing animals, and on how to take care of pets at home. There are plenty of workshops, and events like Building Literacy with LEGOS, Science Saturdays, Recycled Art Studio that can be joined while visiting the city!

19. Brown County WI Barkhausen Waterfowl

Green Bay Waterfowl
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The natural area of Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve is located along the West shore of the Bay of Green Bay. The family-friendly park has an Interpretive Center, which offers a variety of educational programs such as how to make Maple Syrup, or about recycling, orienteering, or learn about wilderness survival! The preserve itself has about 920 acres of forest, meadows, and wetlands where once Indian tribes were living, hunting, and fishing. Brown Country has over 57 miles of hiking trails, of which 9 miles are in the preserve. In winter months, these trails can be used for cross country skiing. You can choose between 6 scenic hiking trails of different lengths do discover the habitat in Brown Country.

20. The City Deck

Things to do in Green Bay Downtown
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The City Deck is basically the heart of the city, the social center of Green Bay. A quarter-mile promenade that’s running between the Walnut and Main Street bridges on the east side of the river. City Deck is where locals and visitors are meeting and enjoying the views of the promenade. The promenade features the Shopko Landing, Pine St. Landing, and Cherry St. Landing. You can head here for a lovely evening walk in the sunset, enjoy some quiet time on the riverfront, or join a yoga class. There are many musical and dining events organized on the deck, so you might just run into one when you’re visiting the city. If you’re on a family trip, don’t miss playing at the fountains with the little ones!

21. Ashwaubomay Lake

Wequiock Falls
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The Aswaubomay Lake is a great family-friendly spot located in Green Bay, near the Fox River. This site is great in the summer for swimming, or to spend some time near the lake with family. The man-made lake has a sandy beach and volleyball court. It also offers a picnic area, as well as playground equipment for the little ones. Ashwaubomay Lake is that place in Green Bay where you can head for a great lake-side day in the summers!

22. Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls
Source: Wikimedia / Yinan Chen | CC BY 3.0

The Wequiock Falls can be found in Wisconsin’s Brown County, northeast of Green Bay. This is one of the Lake Michigan waterfalls, that can be visited easily from the city. Heading on Sturgeon Bay Road (57), you’ll find this falls off this road, about 8 miles away from the city. Wequiock Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls close to the city, with a scenic view. To reach the best place, for the best view you’ll find an old bridge just above the waterfall, and stone stairs that will lead you down into the gorge, so you can admire the falls from closer. The best time to visit the Wequiock Falls is definitely the spring, or after a great amount of rain!

23. Leicht Memorial Park

Leicht Memorial Park
Source: Flickr / Michael Steeber | CC BY-SA 2.0

Leich Memorial Park is located on the west shore of the Fox River in downtown Green Bay. In the summer, you can join the local summer festivals by the water, such as the Ship Festival, Hispanic Independence Festival, carnivals, and concerts. The Tall Ship festival might be one of the most popular among visitors, while you can see and visit many old, wooden ships along the riverside. In Leicht Memorial Park you can also find nature designated walking trails, fishing, and shore fishing spots.

24. Hazelwood Historic House Museum

Hazelwood Historic House Museum
Source: Wikimedia / Bobak Ha’Eri | CC BY 3.0

The Hazelwood Historic House Museum is located at Astor Historic District at 1008 South Monroe Avenue in Green Bay. Its uniqueness comes from being the only historic house that’s actually open to the public, and it’s still on its original site. Hazelwood is a great example of Greek Revival architecture. It has 10 rooms, that are reflecting the 1880-1890s Victorian period in the area. There are more types of tours to try. Besides the basic tour, there’s a package that includes formal tea, and one called Astor Neighborhood Architectural Walking Tour.

Address: 1008 S Monroe Ave, Green Bay

25. Green Isle Park

Green Isle Park in Green Bay WI
Source: Unsplash / Ignacio Brosa | CC BY 2.0

Green Isle Park is located near the Heritage Hill State Park, along the East River in Green Bay. The park is open all over the year, and it’s a great place for outdoor activities. Green Isle Park is featuring basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer fields. You can find designated picnic areas, as well as playgrounds and river fishing spots. The large shelter offers hiking, biking opportunities, as well as shelter rentals year-round at the Green Isle Park Pavilion.