25 Best Things to Do in Casper (WY)

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Casper often referred to as “Wyoming’s Adventure Capital”, is the second-largest city in Wyoming. This is because of all the outdoor recreational activities the city provides including fly fishing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, and more. With over 20 museums, Casper is also a popular destination for those interested in the Old West and cowboy cultures and you will be amazed by what you can learn during your visit.

Nicknamed “The Oil City” due to its long history as an oil boomtown, Casper is located in the heart of the state. The city is located at the foot of Casper Mountain along the North Platte River and as such offers many breath-taking views.

Interactive Map of 25 Things Do in Casper (WY)

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1. National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
Source: Flickr / Bureau of Land Management | CC BY 2.0

At the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, you will have a glimpse of life on the road from packing wagons to crossing rivers through interactive exhibits. The museum is not only educational but also interactive and so much fun for kids to learn about the western expansion. Kids especially like the hands-on displays, mainly the “wagon ride” across the river.

The presentation film is very enjoyable and deeply humbling. You will get the chance to listen to the troubles early settlers of the West had to endure. The video highlights aspects of life on the trails and allows you to better understand what life on the trails was like.

2. Rotary Park

Rotary Park
Source: Flickr / George Bannister | CC BY 2.0

Located 15 minutes driving from Casper downtown, Rotary Park features a network of hiking trails leading up to the base of scenic waterfalls, with picnic tables. This quaint little park features many well-groomed trails up into the mountain, both for hiking and horseback riding.

The park’s highlight is a short hike up a gradual incline of a trail leading to a very picturesque waterfall. It creates a stream that meanders under a couple of bridges. Overall, this is a well-established, clean, and highly-scenic park! However, dogs should be leashed, and poo should be scooped. Besides, some areas can be steep or slick, so definitely be cautious!

3. Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, The Industrial Building

Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, The Industrial Building
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Offering a wide range of buildings and grounds, Central Wyoming Fairgrounds is the official public events venue in Casper. Its amenities include both indoor and outdoor arenas, exhibit halls, a historical industrial building, and more. Besides, this is where Casper’s Carnival and Monster Truck Showdown are held.

If you happen to attend a carnival and go on rides, make sure to get the wristbands because your tokens will go faster than you expect. There are also many food vendors at the fairgrounds. But the most popular stands are the lemonade and the funnel cake.

4. Lou Taubert’s

Lou Tauberts
Source: Flickr / Doug Kerr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Lou Taubert’s is an in-store clothing shopping offering anything you could need minus feed. If you want a friendly, high-touch, shopping experience for Western-wear, then Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters is the place for you. Louis and Anita and their crew will take great care of you. You can find everything proper western, from Justin to Lucchese to Kimes Ranch to Scully to Filson. The most popular products are their boots and hats.

In business since 1919, this is a sweet historical country store that displays their awesome merchandise at the window and seems to entice you to get inside their cozy shop.

5. Washington Park Bandshell/Stage

Washington Park Bandshell Stage-1
Source: Pixabay / Visit Casper | kmilhomens1

Washington Park features many trees, a sidewalk, a quaint and wonderful pool, and four playgrounds with a different set of equipment for every age. The park is excellent for picnics, dog walking, and early morning jogs. Not to mention the hills are great for sledding during the winter.

On the other hand, everyone should go to this park during the summer months to experience the music performances from the local Orchestra. They present free concerts during the week for all ages. The Bandshell itself is often overlooked, but so important to the community’s talents.

6. Fox III Savers Theater

Fox III Savers Theater
Source: Unsplash / Jake Hills

Also known as Wyoming’s Classy Discount Theatre, Fox III Savers Theater is an old theater featuring Dolby Digital Projection in all auditoriums. The cinema also counts with wall-to-wall curved screens and comfortable seats, although they do not recline. 

Overall, Fox III is a very nice place to watch movies and the whole building smells like fresh popcorn and old school candy machines. And even though the theater is old, it features a really good sound system and affordable snacks in a clean and well-cared for environment.

7. El Mark-O Lanes

El Mark-O Lanes
Source: Unsplash / Todd Diemer

El Mark-O Lanes is an old-school bowling alley in Casper featuring a great atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at a party with fun music and lights. They have auto bumpers in every lane allowing for a nice competitive game with the kids without them feeling left out.

The establishment features snack machines, a snack bar with pizza and drinks, and an arcade. Also, there is a great casino attached to El Mark-O Lanes. So, head over to El Mark for a friendly atmosphere with great food and well-maintained bowling lanes.

8. Morad Park

Morad Park
Source: Flickr / BLM Wyoming | CC BY 2.0

Morad Park is a great park for dog owners as well as active people who want to stroll along the North Platte River. The park offers a nice quiet time, good for getting together featuring covered areas with grill and tables. Although, you need to reserve a spot in advance. Besides, the kids will have a blast looking for Casper Rocks and little treasures like the Throwing Stick Box.

This is a great park for dogs as they can run free on the banks of the river and even go for a swim. There is also access to clean up bags and trash cans.

9. North Casper Sports Complex

North Casper Sports Complex
Source: Unsplash / Joshua Hoehne

The North Casper Sports Complex is a great place for the young kids to get their game on. The park features lots of well-maintained ball fields with bathrooms for fans and plenty of room to roam. There is also an expansive parking lot for events, a fun playground for the kids, and walking/bike paths allowing for great exercise and views of the river.

The most popular trail is right behind the soccer fields. This area is beautiful with well-maintained tracks and a great crowd. If you walk a dog (on a leash), jog, ride a bike or just want to go for a nice walk then this is a great place to go.

10. Bear Trap County Park

Bear Trap County Park
Source: Flickr / BLM Wyoming | CC BY 2.0

Bear Trap County Park is located in a great meadow surrounded by nice camping spots with a lot of seclusion. There is water in the campground, but not at each site. The park also counts with several playgrounds and shelters.

Some of the campsites are close together which is great for groups. You can also easily find a more secluded site as the park is usually not very full, so you can find privacy if desired. It is definitely worth the drive to get off the beaten path. The campground functions as a first-come-first-served space. So, no reservations are necessary.

11. Nicolaysen Art Museum

Nicolaysen Art Museum
Source: Wikimedia / Jonathunder | GFDL 1.2

With a very nice collection of contemporary art, the Nicolaysen Art Museum features both traditional and contemporary Western art with a self-guided studio. Nicolaysen displays a few permanent paintings and many changing collections so two visits are never the same.

The museum is also kid-friendly with a table for some drawings, the eclipse stations, and the child-size door to the kids’ room. Overall, it is a nice and small contemporary art museum with good exhibitions and an enjoyable gift shop with a great deal of locally made pieces at reasonable prices.

12. Crossroads Park

Crossroads Park
Source: Flickr / Amy Butler | CC BY 2.0

Sitting on the margins of the North Platte River, Crossroads Park features grills and gazebos that are perfect for family gatherings. The park offers a lot for kids to do, from toddlers to age 10. For instance, the slides end high off the ground, so you have to catch the little ones. The castle-themed playgrounds include a huge tire swing in a giant jungle gym inside a fenced area.

Crossroads Park also features a nature trail and other paths running alongside the river. You can also choose to go fishing or just relax under a shade. Just make sure to take mosquito repellent since the river is so close.

13. Hogadon Basin Ski Area

Hogadon Basin Ski Area
Source: Flickr / Wyoming National Guard | CC BY-ND 2.0

Hogadon Basin Ski Area is an unfussy winter resort with many expert runs, cross-country trails, and some terrain-park features. This is actually one of three ski resorts in the US where you park and then ski down to the lifts. The parking lot and lodge are an easy drive up the mountain from Casper. The lodge and facilities are modern, well-lighted, and windowed.

This is a great place for beginning skiers with a sheltered plexiglass tube magic carpet. There is also some challenging terrain if you are looking for it. Overall, the trails are wide, well-groomed, and perfect for improving basic skills.

14. Fort Caspar Museum

Fort Caspar Museum
Source: Wikimedia / Carol M. Highsmith | Public Domain

The family-friendly site of Fort Caspar Museum includes 1865 fort buildings plus exhibits, programs, and lectures. The history of the fort and the surrounding area is very interesting, especially its tie to the Mormon Trail. The exhibits include Casper’s first 100 years of history with objects and interactive videos.

The grounds are also a sight to see with a play area outside that has a couple of slides and swings. You can bring a picnic lunch and camp with a tent or camper. The North Platte River is on the edge of the property and you can fish there as long as you have a fishing license.

15. Casper Municipal Golf Course

Casper Municipal Golf Course
Source: Pixabay / markusspiske

Casper Municipal Golf Course features 27 holes split into three 9-hole golf courses. There is a wide-open course on the front side and the courses on the back follow a link style with a couple of very steep hills that can be a bit scary for the beginners. From the pro-shop to the bar-grill and the cart girls, the staff is very helpful and friendly. 

Besides, the large population of antelopes wandering around the courses gives it an authentic Wyoming feeling.  You can also choose to take a golf lesson or just practice at the driving range.

16. Green Acres Corn Maze

Green Acres Corn Maze
Source: Pixabay / alanbatt

Green Acres Corn Maze offers all kinds of farm activities and a petting zoo in a good old fashioned corn fed fun. The farm’s amenities include Corn Maze, Pumpkin Cart rides, Grain Train, Apple Cannons, Corn Pit, Hay Bale Maze, Air Pillow, Mining for gems and arrowheads. 

But, of course, the petting zoo is one of the highlights. Right after the corn maze itself. There, you can hang out with ponies, llamas, alpacas, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, and more. During October, they also have pumpkin sales. You can even carve your own pumpkin right there.

17. Conwell Park

Conwell Park
Source: Unsplash / Bambi Corro

Conwell Park is a great little park hosting many events throughout the year. Although this is your typical rectangle centrally located park, it has some nice playground equipment for the little kids. Conwell Park is pet-friendly and features picnic tables and clean public restrooms.

This park is a great place to hang out during summer and a fantastic winter walk with Christmas lights. Also, make sure to purchase a mug of hot chocolate at Phil’s Coffee for your winter stroll.

18. Werner Wildlife Museum

Werner Wildlife Museum
Source: Flickr / Mike Durkin | CC BY-SA 2.0

Founded in 1964 and located at Casper College, Werner Wildlife Museum features family-friendly wildlife exhibits, tours, and educational programs. Focusing on native Wyoming wildlife, the museum’s collections sum up to almost 400 birds, fish, and mammals. The exhibits also include a diverse display of animals from other parts of the world as well as dinosaurs that used to inhabit the Wyoming region.

The museum counts with an interactive area for children, The Lair, a garden, and a bird feeding station. Besides, there is a nice park area behind the building with picnic tables and plenty of shade in the summertime.

19. Yesness Pond

Yesness Pond
Source: Flickr / Bureau of Land Management | CC BY 2.0

Located at the bottom of Casper Mountain, Yesness Pond is a perfect spot for swimming and fishing with children. This beautiful park also features many hiking and walking trails. During summer, it is made into a recreational park for kids and families that use the trails every day.

The pond itself is perfect for fishing small fish, like Catfish. However, you can only catch and release so if you want to take fish home, this might not be the place for you. The good point about Yesness Pond is that it is never too busy to go fishing.

20. Tate Pumphouse Trail Center

Tate Pumphouse Trail Center
Source: Flickr / Josh Hallett | CC BY-SA 2.0

Tate Pumphouse Trail Center is yet another place to go in Casper just to hang out and be surrounded by nature. The park is calming and very peaceful, featuring great walking trails and a fun food truck event every few weeks. The Tate Pumphouse itself is an intimate venue with a stylish interior, popular for hosting wedding events.

From there, you can go on four trails around Casper. You can choose the perfect 5k mile trail around the Platte River Commons, the 2-mile trail to Ft. Caspar Underpass, the 3.5-mile trail Morad Park, or the 5.5-mile trail to Paradise Valley.

21. Stage III Community Theatre

Stage III Community Theatre
Source: Unsplash / Erik McClean

Displaying performances ranging from the classics to the latest Broadway hits, Stage III Community Theatre is an important part of Casper’s history. Each season the theatre selects six main productions, plus special shows. Interestingly, Stage III functions as a fundraising and non-profit organization with every production being made up entirely of volunteers: from the producers to the ushers.

There is a lot of talent available to this small community theater. Although they operate on a shoestring budget, the productions are well performed, and because of the small size, very personally engaging. If you get the chance, make time to experience one of their shows.

22. Old Town Family Fun & Amusements

Old Town Family Fun and Amusements
Source: Unsplash / Sigmund

The family-friendly and wheelchair accessible Old Town Family Fun & Amusements features a miniature golf course, an arcade, and a restaurant. Not to mention beautiful walking trails and a relaxing area by the North Platte River. However, the highlights include live performances and the play area.

The mini-golf itself is an Old West-themed golf course challenging and fun for all ages. The 18-hole course features artifacts from the early days of Casper making the whole experience even more special with all of its historical aspects. For example, the course tells Casper’s mining history and of its pioneers.

23. Edness Kimball Wilkins Park

Edness Kimball Wilkins Park
Source: Flickr / Bureau of Land Management | CC BY 2.0

Located 6 miles from Casper, Edness Kimball Wilkins Park is a natural riverside state park with 2.8 miles of trails, tree-shaded picnic areas, and abundant wildlife. The park is filled with Cottonwood trees providing shade all over the park. It also features volleyball courts and horseshoe pits.

This is also a great park to bring kids to swim in the nearby pond and have fun at the playground. The multi-use park offers activities for all ages and tastes. From bird/wildlife watching, fishing, good concrete bicycle/footpaths, swimming pond, to ramadas with grills.

24. Casper Events Center

Casper Events Center
Source: Flickr / Wyoming National Guard | CC BY-ND 2.0

Built on Casper Mountain and overlooking the scenic Platte River Valley, Casper Events Center is where everything happens in Casper. Opened in 1982, this is actually Wyoming’s Center for Entertainment. The center presents concerts, trade shows, conferences, banquets, sporting events, and much more.

Be aware that this is a very busy place and if you have young children keep them close as it is very easy to get lost there. This great little arena also counts with good acoustics, great seating, and many food and drinks options.

25. FireRock Steakhouse

FireRock Steakhouse
Source: FireRock SteakHouse

Featuring a cozy dining room with a relaxed, family-friendly vibe, FireRock Steakhouse offers a traditional American classics menu and an extensive wine selection. The restaurant is known for serving only USDA Angus Beef, aging it for at least 28 days, and hand-cutting each and every one of the steaks. In addition, they cook all of their slices of beef in an authentic oak wood-fired grill.

Besides their famous beef, their most popular dishes include the stuffed mushrooms, artichoke dips, and egg rolls. Overall, the food is amazing, and they offer and cater a great kids’ menu.