25 Best Things to Do in Marietta, OH

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Marietta, a small city nestled in Southeastern Ohio, offers big fun for all ages. Boasting an undeniable charm with its 19th-century buildings still standing and picturesque parks abound – from 50 miles of scenic trails to gorgeous rivers – Marietta provides plenty of year-round opportunities for recreation plus the opportunity to experience some rich history. With over 13,000 residents proudly calling it home and much more waiting around each corner; join us in enjoying this unique getaway spot today!

Interactive Map of 25 Things to Do in Marietta (OH)

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1. Campus Martius Museum

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The Campus Martius Museum in Marietta is a great place to explore the history of the Northwest Territory. Located next to Muskingum Park and overlooking the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers, this museum houses many artifacts related to early American life in the area. Visitors will learn about life on the frontier during pioneer times, including how they lived, worked, played and interacted with native tribes. The museum also offers interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience everyday life for settlers in this part of America. With over 100 years of artifacts, history, and stories to tell from its collection, there is plenty for everyone to discover at Campus Martius Museum!

2. The Castle Historic House Museum

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The Castle Historic House Museum

Travel back in time and explore 19th-century Ohio at the Castle Historic House Museum! Built by an abolitionist attorney Melvin Clarke in 1855, this one-of-a-kind museum offers visitors memorable interactive exhibits, guided tours and period furniture that provide insight into what life was like during this era. Whether exploring artifacts inside or outside the home, come discover how people lived over 150 years ago with The Castle Historic House Museum!

3. Ohio River Museum

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The Ohio River Museum is a great way to learn about the history of the river and its impact on the development of this part of America. The museum houses many artifacts related to life along the river during pioneer times and interactive displays allowing visitors to experience everyday life. For example, visitors will be amazed to discover that 15 different types of boats were built here between 1820 and 1870 and that these vessels transported goods up and down the river for over 40 years. In addition, they’ll also learn about how steamboats revolutionized transportation in this area when they began operating on the river in 1811.

4. Peoples Bank Theatre

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Marietta has been home to the revered Peoples Bank Theatre for over a century. From its humble beginnings as The Hippodrome back in 1919 through extensive renovation and renaming as The Colony Theatre in 1949 right up till today, this 940-seat landmark venue at Putnam and Third streets continues to bring joyous entertainment experiences alive for generations.

Peoples Bank Theatre is a cornerstone of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s cultural heritage, essential in preserving our region’s history. Nowadays, Peoples Bank relies on generous financial donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations to deliver top-notch artistic experiences at reasonable prices accessible to everyone living here.

5. Marietta Brewing Company

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Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Marietta, at the junction of two great rivers, The Marietta Brewing Company proudly carries on a century-old tradition that began with our first settlement in Northwest Territory – brewing beer for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Explore an atmosphere imbued by history while savoring handcrafted brews made from time-honored recipes; it’s truly an experience like no other!

6. Valley Gem Sternwheeler

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The Valley Gem Sternwheeler is a unique and exciting way to experience the beauty of the Muskingum River. This authentic paddle-wheel boat has been cruising up and down these waters since 1973, taking passengers on sightseeing cruises as well as dinner cruises with delicious meals prepared by their onboard chef. The sternwheeler can accommodate up to 150 passengers in its climate-controlled cabin, which offers stunning river valley views from every seat. The vessel will take your breath away with its vintage styling reminiscent of 19th-century steamboats! So whether you’re looking for an afternoon getaway or a romantic evening cruise while enjoying live music – there’s no better place than the Valley Gem Sternwheeler.

7. Mound Cemetery

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With its deep roots in Marietta’s history, Mound Cemetery is an impressive treasure that stands as a quiet reminder of the notable residents who have been laid to rest there. From red oaks and sugar maples to beautiful monuments like the War Memorial honoring veterans from World War I through today, this picturesque cemetery makes for quite a breathtaking visit year-round. Pay your respects or admire nature’s beauty; either way you won’t be disappointed by one of Marietta’s hidden gems!

8. Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption

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Built in 1909, the stunning Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption invites visitors to indulge in its rich history and awe-inspiring architecture. The grand facade is impressive, with two towers soaring 100 feet high, topped by a copper dome and cross that glisten against sunny skies. Inside, breathtaking art pieces delight guests’ senses – magnificent stained glass windows illustrate Old Testament stories while even more intricate patterns adorn painted ceilings all over this venerated place for worship!

9. Children’s Toy & Doll Museum

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Children’s Toy & Doll Museum is your one-stop destination for discovering captivating treasures from days gone by. From antique teddy bears to rare German bisque dolls and vintage Barbie collections, the museum houses a wide array of toys and playthings dating back to the Victorian times. The journey doesn’t end there; interactive exhibits let visitors experience these beloved items in ways they never have before! Come explore history as you’ve never done so before at this incredible venue.

10. Hidden Marietta

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Hidden Marietta is a unique and exciting way to explore the city of Marietta. This interactive walking tour takes visitors on an exploration of some of the most historically significant sites in the area. Participants can choose from five self-guided tours offering something special, such as uncovering hidden stories about Marietta’s founders or learning about the city’s Underground Railroad stops. The tours also feature engaging activities such as scavenger hunts and trivia games, along with exciting facts and figures about the history of this vibrant town.

11. The Adelphia Music Hall

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Enjoy a music experience like no other at The Adelphia Music Hall, Marietta’s premier entertainment venue and the Mid-Ohio Valley’s go-to destination for diverse acts. Since 2010 music hall has provided an eclectic mix of national and local talents to cater to all ages – showcasing rock & roll classics, pop hits and modern hip-hop beats. Check out­ the events calendar and discover your favorite genre live in concert.

12. Pioneer Family Golf Center

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The Pioneer Family Golf Center is a great place to practice your golf skills and have some fun. This course will test even the most experienced golfer’s ability with its beautiful landscape and challenging holes. It also offers lessons from PGA professionals and club fitting services so you can get the perfect clubs for your game. So whether you’re looking to improve your swing or just enjoy a round of golf with friends, the Pioneer Family Golf Center is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

13. Cawley & Peoples Mortuary Museum

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The Cawley & Peoples Mortuary Museum is a fascinating glimpse into the history of death care. Established in 1878, this mortuary museum has been preserving and displaying artifacts related to the funeral industry for over 140 years. Visitors can explore four different galleries that feature an array of items, from embalming tools to vintage hearses. With its unique displays and interesting stories, Cawley & Peoples Mortuary Museum is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience!

14. Rinky Dink Flea Market

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Offering an expansive two acre shopping experience, Rinky Dink Flea Market is the perfect place to discover unique items and hidden gems. With over 200 vendors selling a wide range of antiques, handmade crafts and vintage clothing at prices up to 75% lower than retail stores – it’s easy to see why this flea market attracts thousands of shoppers looking for special finds or just out for a good time!

15. Antique Mall of Marietta Inc.

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Shop easily and confidently at Antique Mall of Marietta Inc, a go-to site for uncovering captivating antiques since 1996! The one-of-a-kind selection spans from furniture to jewelry and beyond. With an impressive inventory that continues to grow, the courteous staff is always excited to assist in your quest. Dive into the past today by perusing through a vast array of vintage pieces only found here!

16. Oak Grove Cemetery

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A peaceful oasis in the heart of bustling Marietta, Oak Grove Cemetery has been providing a final resting place for generations since 1863. Not only does it boast 35,000 gravesites and monuments to historic figures; its serene landscape is also home to an angel statue as well as a mausoleum featuring one-of-a-kind sculptures!

17. Marietta Wine Cellars

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Marietta Wine Cellars offers a unique experience for guests, featuring award-winning wines crafted from over 10,000 cases produced yearly. Its selection of varietals ranges from the dryest to sweetest whites and reds – there is something here to please every palate! With its rustic charm and cozy atmosphere, you can participate in wine-tasting events or sit back on their outdoor patio with one of Marrietta’s unforgettable creations.

18. Marietta Roller Rink

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Marietta Roller Rink in Marietta, Ohio, is a great place for roller skating enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite pastime. With its smooth wooden floors, vibrant colors, and upbeat music playing throughout the rink it’s easy to understand why so many people love coming here! On any given day, you can find hundreds of people of all ages gliding around the rink and having a blast. And if that wasn’t enough, there are also special events such as disco skate nights or laser tag tournaments held at least once a month, which makes Marietta Roller Rink even more enjoyable!

19. Lookout Point

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Lookout Point is an awe-inspiring vantage point from which to take in the stunning landscapes of the Muskingum River and beyond. Boasting a 360-degree panoramic view, visitors can enjoy everything from sunrises over rolling hills to city lights twinkling on distant horizons – all while marveling at local wildlife like birds and deer that frequent this scenic spot.

20. Kroger Wetlands

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Kroger Wetlands is a beautiful and tranquil nature preserve that spans over 100 acres of land. This wetland oasis allows visitors to explore its lush habitats and observe the many species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that call it home. With its diverse flora and fauna, Kroger Wetlands provides a unique experience for all ages. The wetlands are also home to several endangered species, such as the Massasauga Rattlesnake, which makes it an important part of conservation efforts in the region. Visitors can take guided tours or simply wander around on their own while enjoying beautiful views of Muskingum River and absorbing the peaceful atmosphere this place offers.

21. Marietta Aquatic Center

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Marietta Aquatic Center is an ideal destination for fun-seekers of all ages! Whether seeking a refreshing dip in the pool, learning to swim from professional instructors or engaging with exciting water features like slides and spray jets, families can indulge in myriad activities. For those looking for more active adventures, volleyball courts and basketball hoops await as well as a daring rock climbing wall. With so much on offer everyday at this sunny spot overlooking magnificent Marietta town – you won’t believe just how quickly time flies by here!

22. Indian Acres Park

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Indian Acres Park skate park is a favorite spot for skaters of all levels. Located just outside of the city center, this skate park features some of the best ramps and rails in town. Park has smooth concrete surfaces, half-pipes, bowls, quarter-pipes and more spread out over 10 acres. Not only that but there are also plenty of jumps and ledges to test your skills on as well as a variety of obstacles such as benches, stair sets and handrails which makes it perfect for street skating or technical tricks.

Skaters have been raving about Indian Acres Park since it opened back in 2009 thanks to its challenging terrain combined with a fun atmosphere that keeps them coming back time after time!

23. Harmar Historic District

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Explore the heritage of the Harmar Historic District! With many remarkable destinations, such as General Rufus Putnam’s 1806 home and the Washington County Courthouse (1809), there is something for everyone. Wander through historic sites like churches, schools, and businesses – all within strolling distance from each other – or take a leisurely walk to appreciate 19th-century structures still standing today. Enjoy an unforgettable journey between past and present in this picturesque neighborhood!

24. W.P. Snyder Jr.

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The W.P. Snyder Jr. is a historic steamboat that has been preserved since its launch in 1902 and continues to serve as an important part of the city’s history today. Built on the Muskingum River, this sternwheeler was designed by naval architect John Litherland and constructed at the Dravo Shipyard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At over 300 feet long with a beam of nearly 50 feet, it was once considered one of the largest and most powerful vessels ever built in America during that period and remains one of only three surviving sternwheelers from that era still afloat today! 

25. Hidden Hills Orchard

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Hidden Hills Orchard allows visitors to experience the wonders of nature. This park features an impressive selection of fruit trees such as apples, pears, cherries an more! Visitors can pick their own fruit from the orchard while taking in stunning views of the rolling hills. Hidden Hills Orchard also offers various outdoor activities, such as hayrides through the orchard during harvest season and apple cider tastings for those who wish to sample some delicious local flavors!