25 Best Things to Do in Great Falls (MT)

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Great Falls is an idyllic city nestled in the north-central corner of America’s big sky country. With a population of over 60k and growing every day, visitors to Great Falls can explore its rich history and towering waterfalls that honor its founding father, Paris Gibson, who established it back in 1888. Additionally, Greater Falls has been named one of the safest cities in all of America, with crime rates substantially lower than many other cities across our nation, making it an ideal place for families or individuals looking for exploration without worry! Finally, residents have access to Malmstrom Air Force Base, which provides employment opportunities throughout this great city – so come join us here at beautiful GreatFalls!

Interactive Map of 25 Things to Do in Great Falls (MT)

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1. Big Falls and Ryan Dam

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Big Falls and Ryan Dam are two natural wonders sure to take your breath away in the heart of Great Falls. Revel in the beauty of Big Falls as it stands over 200 feet wide with a 70-foot drop; an awe-inspiring sight. Constructed in 1915, the massive 1,336 ft long Ryan Dam forms one of America’s largest reservoirs at 5,000 acre-feet while still conforming to its surroundings’ landscape – including The Great Fall’s 148ft barrier created by nature itself.

If you’re looking for adventure, then look no further: fishing and hiking are popular pastimes here, amongst many other activities! Make visiting these great places a top priority on your next trip to Montana

2. Giant Springs

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Giant Springs is the largest freshwater spring in the U.S and the third largest in the world. It is located in Great Falls, Montana and flows at 150 million gallons daily.

Lewis and Clark were the first explorers who described Springs during their exploration of Louisiana in 1805.

Spring water has a constant temperature of 54 °F that originates from Little Belt Mountains snowmelt, 60 miles away. Interestingly, water takes about 3,000 years to travel underground before returning to the surface at the springs.

Today spring water is used for human consumption and trout hatchery.

3. C. M. Russell Museum

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The C. M. Russell Museum of Great Falls is renowned for its outstanding Western American Art collection, making it a must-see destination in the area. Drawing an annual 30,000 visitors to admire its masterpieces and learn more about some of America’s most influential artists – including Charles M. Russell himself as well as Winold Reiss, Joseph H Sharp and E E Heikka and others – this award-winning museum showcases over 3,000 pieces while hosting lectures tours exhibitions & special events throughout the year!

4. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

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The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is the top destination for those interested in the history of the American West. The center tells the story of the Corps of Discovery through interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and more.

The Center is home to an extensive collection of artifacts from the expedition, including journals, weapons, maps and more. Visitors can also explore a full-size replica of Fort Mandan, where the Corps of Discovery spent their winter encampment.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is open year-round and offers various educational programs for all ages. So be sure to check it out on your next visit to Great Falls!

5. Riverside Railyard Skate Park

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Great Falls, Montana’s Riverside Railyard Skate Park is a world-class destination for skateboarding enthusiasts of all skill levels. Spanning 27,000 square feet, the park offers tons of features to explore – including a 9ft bowl and an array of pipe rails and transitions up your alley!

This top 5 Pacific Northwest facility was developed alongside the International Association of Skateboard Companies & Tony Hawk Foundation, so you know it won’t disappoint. Stop by from morning till evening and get those wheels rolling!

6. Gibson Park

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Come to Gibson Park in Great Falls for a memorable outdoor experience! With expansive play areas, picnic spots, flower gardens and sculptures scattered around the grounds, there’s something fun here for everyone. Catch local bands perform under the bandstand or rent out one of our pavilions – perfect accommodations when having your special day outdoors with family & friends.

The Historic Vinegar Jones Cabin is also a must-see attraction at this park, open all year round; come along and witness ducks splashing in its pond accompanied by playful swans gliding through the waters gracefully.

7. Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

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The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is located in the historical building of a sandstone structure built in 1896. For 34 years, it was Central High School, which later became Paris Gibson Junior High.

In 1977, the community renovated and reopened the building, now known as Paris Gibson Square. Since then, its primary purpose has been to nurture the local creative spirit by providing contemporary art exhibitions, art classes, lectures, docent tours, and performances.

8. Vinegar Jones Cabin

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Great Falls is home to the Vinegar Jones Cabin: a one-of-a-kind historic building with an incredible story. Built in 1884 by Fort Benton’s carpenter Josiah Peeper and aptly named after Whitman Gibson “Vinegar” Jones—who preserved it from 1890 – 1931—the Cabin offers visitors a unique window into the life of 19th century America.

Once inside, you can explore timeless artifacts such as furniture, maps, interpretive displays and period pieces that have remained untouched since its original inhabitants lived there over 100 years ago! It’s truly worth visiting for anyone looking for something special during their time in Great Falls!

9. Montana Veterans Memorial

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The Montana Veterans Memorial is a beautiful and solemn site that commemorates the fallen soldiers of the state of Montana. The memorial features a large, circular plaza with a statue in the center of a soldier kneeling in prayer.

Around the plaza are engraved the names of all Montanans who have died in combat. The memorial is open to the public year-round and offers visitors a place to reflect on the sacrifices of our veterans and their relatives.

The Montana Veterans Memorial is also home to various events throughout the year, including Memorial Day ceremonies, wreath layings and more. So be sure to visit this touching tribute during your next visit to Great Falls!

10. Statue of Liberty Replica

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Great Falls’ awe-inspiring replica of the Statue of Liberty is a sight to behold. Created in 1985, this 25,000-pound behemoth stands tall at 60 feet with bronze, copper and steel components crafting its impressive form.

It was dedicated by then Governor Ted Schwinden during an eventful July 4th Bicentennial celebration – providing inspiration for future generations!

11. Wooden Turtle Carving

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Take a remarkable journey to Great Falls and experience one of the most popular tourist attractions – The Wooden Turtle Carving. This 43-foot-long sculpture, weighing over 10,000 pounds, is an impressive sight crafted by renowned artist Tim Shinabarger with cedar, pine and walnut wood.

After three years in the making, this massive masterpiece offers visitors plenty of photo ops and picnic areas for family outings – so be sure not to miss it on your next visit!

12. Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, check out the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This nature preserve is located in the heart of Montana and offers visitors miles of hiking trails, excellent bird-watching opportunities and more.

The refuge was established in 1935 as a migratory waterfowl sanctuary. Today, it covers over 16,000 acres of land and features various habitats, including wetlands, prairies, woodlands and riparian areas.

13. Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum and Air Park

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Aviation and Military history enthusiasts, discover the Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum & Air Park – an expansive museum that houses a variety of displays honoring America’s Air Forces and Montana National Guard.

Visit from Monday-Friday to take in exciting exhibits such as an F-16 Fighting Falcon or C-130 Hercules Aircraft! Learn about the invaluable contributions made by this base throughout our nation’s past.

14. Children’s Museum of Montana

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The Children’s Museum of Montana is an ideal destination for families seeking a day filled with fun, learning and growth. For over 25 years, this esteemed museum has been home to captivating exhibits that span everything from science to history.

As the oldest and largest children’s cultural institution in all of Montana, it provides interactive play models which foster imaginative engagement and cognitive development by those aged 0-12.

15. Great Falls Trolley

Source: visitmt.com

The Great Falls Trolley offers visitors a chance to see some of the city’s most popular sites and attractions.

The trolley operates from May to September and offers three different tour routes: the Downtown Tour, the Lewis & Clark Tour and the Scenic Tour. The Downtown Tour visits some of the most popular sites in downtown Great Falls, including Gibson Park, Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum, Air Park, and more.

The Lewis & Clark Tour takes passengers on a journey through time, visiting various landmarks commemorating the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Highlights of this tour include Ulm Pishkun State Park and Fort Benton National Monument.

The Scenic Tour offers passengers beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and Missouri River. This tour also includes a stop at Giant Springs State Park.

16. The History Museum

Discover the rich history of Great Falls and Montana at The History Museum. Founded in 1972, this museum offers informative exhibits ranging from Lewis & Clark Expedition to aviation in our state, with over 300,000 objects within its permanent collection!

During your visit, be sure to check out the airpark’s historic aircraft, including an F-16 Fighting Falcon and a C-130 Hercules, for a unique experience like no other.

17. Holiday Village Mall

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Enjoy quality time with family and friends at the Holiday Village Mall! Shop your favorite stores, such as Walmart and JCPenney. Indulge in culinary delights from one of many restaurants available within the mall’s walls, or relax with a movie showing on its theater screens.

You can even bring along little ones for fun activities in kid-friendly play area.

18. Paris Gibson Statue

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Paris Gibson was a true pioneer of the Great Falls area. Moving to the town in 1889, he quickly became involved in its business and political communities as an entrepreneur and mayor, respectively. In 1966 his influence earned him an honored place on Main Street; Paris’s bronze figure stands tall above downtown with a scroll proudly proclaiming “Great Falls – A City With A Future!”

For anyone visiting this historic city, paying homage to the glorious statue is surely not to be missed!

19. Electric City Water Park

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Spend a fun-filled day at the Electric City Water Park in downtown Great Falls! This park has something for everyone, from exhilarating slides like the Kamikaze Slide and Double Dipper to their children’s play area with mini-slides and sprays jets.

An exciting journey awaits you on their lazy river as well. Open from May through September, don’t miss out on your chance for an unforgettable experience here!

20. Escape The Falls

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For an hour, become lost in history while you take on Escape The Falls’ interactive escape room. With help from your family and friends or team-building exercises, discover carefully-crafted puzzles and clues to outwit some of the most notorious criminals ever known.

Open Monday – Friday, this thrilling adventure awaits those who dare!

21. Great Falls Sports Shooting Complex

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The Great Falls Sports Shooting Complex offers different activities, including archery, airsoft and pistol shooting.

Open to the public Monday-Friday complex offers visitors a chance to test their skills in various disciplines. In addition, the complex features an archery range with 20 lanes and targets from 10-70 yards.

The complex also has an airsoft arena that can accommodate up to 200 players at once. And if you’re looking for something more challenging, the complex also has a pistol shooting range with seven lanes and targets from 7-25 yards.

22. River’s Edge Trail

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Experience the wonders of nature and explore the Missouri River’s history with a visit to the stunning, Rivers Edge Trail. Perfect for people of all ages, this multi-use trail provides year-round access and is ideal for walking, running or biking through its peaceful environment.

Along your journey, you can take in beautiful views and pause at one of many benches or picnic tables along the path to enjoy an outdoor meal before reading up on local ecology via interpretive signs scattered throughout.

23. The Ursuline Center

Source: Wikimedia / Robustutz | CC BY-SA 3.0

For over a century, the Ursuline Center in Great Falls, Montana, has been an exceptional place of education and ministering. Founded by Mother Amadeus back in 1892, this incredible institution offers visitors Monday-Friday the chance to learn about its wondrous history as well as purchase religious items from its gift shop.

The Sisters of Providence have proudly called it home for many decades, dedicating themselves to educational excellence and charitable acts throughout all that time. Visit today to experience firsthand why this remarkable center inspires so many!

24. Morony Dam

Since its completion in 1933, the Morony Dam has been an energy source for Great Falls, Montana. With the capacity to power over 30,000 homes and create Gibson Park Reservoir—a popular spot for fishing and boating activities—the Morony Dam is an iconic landmark contributing significantly to local recreation opportunities.

Open Monday-Friday with educational tours available along with religious items at their gift shop; visitors can learn about dam history while exploring this beautiful area!

25. Captain John Mullan Trail Statue

Source: Wikimedia / Djembayz | CC BY-SA 4.0

Great Falls is home to a commemorative statue paying tribute to Captain John Mullan—one of the most influential figures in this city’s history. The trailblazer and surveyor were integral in mapping out Great Fall’s first road system back in 1859; his legacy has been memorialized at Gibson Park, an idyllic location that doubles as a favorite spot for fishing and boating alike.

This a reminder of how far the city has come since its humble beginnings!