25 Best Beaches in California

Source: Flickr / Dirk DBQ | CC BY 2.0

California has many cities and tourist spots to be known, but its beaches are really incredible and considered the main tourist attractions there. The beaches of California attract people from all over the world. The highlights include sunbathe on golden sand beaches, […]

25 Best Things to Do in Topeka (KS)

Source: Wikimedia / Tony Webster | CC BY 2.0

Topeka, known to locals as either Top City or T-Town, is the capital city of Kansas and is currently experiencing a tourism boom. Taking its name from the phrase “place we dug potatoes from” in the Kansa-Osage language, potato farms are somewhat […]

25 Best Things to Do in Louisville (KY)

Source: Flickr / Edsel Little | CC BY-SA 2.0

Louisville, otherwise known as Bourbon City, is well-recognized as the host of the annual Kentucky Derby race. But this town offers much more, including the world’s only Urban Bourbon Experience and a four-block stretch filled with some of the region’s best museums. 

Bordering […]